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BMFA F5J League - 26/27th September-Bartletts Farm nr Chelmsford, Essex.


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Due to the cancellation of several earlier soaring competitions scheduled for a Sunday we have now made the preceding Saturday a reserve day.

If weather conditions at the time indicate that Sunday 27th will be unflyable,  we will then hope to use Saturday 26th.

Please indicate if you are able to enter on either day or just one. Sunday will always take precedence over Saturday as long as the weather is OK for the Sunday.

Your model must have an approved height limiting/data logging device which will show the max height of your model during the motor run time and 10seconds after your motor is shut off.

The limiting function must be set to allow 30seconds motor run time, and the height limiting function must either be disabled or set to 300m.
Motor restart is permitted at any time during flight, but will result in a zero score for that round.

Two classes of model can be entered, either Open or 2Metre but only one entry permitted.
Prizes awarded on the day and points scored will go to the National League.
Entry fee £10.00 (BMFA requirement) payable on the day
Proof of BMFA membership (card is sufficient) required - please supply your BMFA number with your entry
Timing on the day may vary, and all/any help to set up the field will be appreciated.
But the plan is as usual, book in from 9am.  First flight’s 10am.

Please post your entries here by 8pm on Friday 25thSeptember with your frequency and a reserve if flying on 35MHz

Garry Matthews         Open            2.4          BMFA 32611

Jef Ott                        Open           2.4          BMFA 21361

Peter Ley                   Open           2.4          BMFA  187230

Brian Austin              Open           2.4            BMFA    57851

Peter Mitchell             Open           2.4           BMFA  33859

Russell Mexome        Open           2.4           BMFA   165819

Cliff Stone                  Open           2.4          BMFA   182785

Ray Gadenne            Open           2.4           BMFA   52822

Paul Wainwright         Open           2.4           BMFA  47845

Steve Knowles           Open          2.4            BMFA  70799

Tony Merrit                   2M            2.4            BMFA 142327

Eddy Small                 Open          2,4            BMFA  63558

Nick Jackson               Open         2.4            BMFA   123273

Allen Twine                 Open          2.4            BMFA    67979

Peter Sainsbury           Open          2.4            BMFA    89921

Dereck Collins              Open          2.4           BMFA    88294 

David Godbold             2M             78            BMFA    30716

Randy Taylor                2M              2.4          BMFA    165603  

John Hovell                   Open          2.4          BMFA     40572

Mel Fox                         Open          2.4          BMFA     186156

Copy of full rules can be obtained here: BMFA rule book

Nearest Post Code for field entrance is CM3 8EW


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My reader is there to use. 

If the #2 is the micro version (not sure about this as I don't use them myself) then it needs an adapter lead to fit the card reader.

I don't have one of these leads but I know Pete Sainsbury has just got one and probably will be using it on the day.

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Err NO:blush:

Your OK MrGnome, the clue is in the weather. Tomorrow looks almost as good as today and as said, preference is always Sunday.

I  didn't want to disturb the weather gods too much by saying the best day is going to be.........?. just incase they thought I was pushing my luck too far:rolleyes:

See you tomorrow.

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