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2.4 GHz Ariel position

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I am trying to install a Graupner 2.4  Rx into a Radical Pro where do you guys put the two antenna ? trying to get them at 90 degree to each other and keep them in the non carbon area of the nose is not at all easy or do you just ignore the Radio manufacturers recommendations and  route them wherever they can go and say whoops'y if it doesn't work ?

Having been involved in radio control for 30+ years you call this progress !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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If this is Mikes old Radical then the nose isn't carbon but Kevlar      either way I have a Kevlar nose and a carbon one . put the one aerial down the line of the nose  just above the hull  the other one put vertical from bottom to top .......I've not had any issues with mine in this configuration .



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I maid a small plastic tube that fitted through the bulkhead just in front of the front servo. This held one aerial vertically, the other just run along the fuselage line taped to the top of the receiver.

A piece of tube cut from a Biro is ideal.

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