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Jef Ott

Dave Deadman model graphics - How did he do that?

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Jef Ott

Hello guys.

When Dave Deadman departed this mortal coil, I was overcome by the beauty of his Baby Bantam 32"  - a scaled down Ron Warring Bantam.

Since then I have been pondering how he created the graphics on the wing and engine cowl.

After carelessly losing the pretty model at Old Warden a month ago, I found pictures of it, while looking on Ebay! There was nothing sinister in this, but it came as a shock nonetheless. Mr Deadman had done a build article for the AeroModeller (part of Aviation Modeller International at the time) and someone was selling a copy of that magazine, choosing to advertise the plan and pictures from the build article rather than the AMI front cover. 

In the article there is very little detail of how the graphics were achieved, but in the caption, accompanying one of the photos, it is revealed that he used "...templates and a ruling pen.".

Does anyone still have knowledge of these techniques - and if so can they show us/me how to do it?

Very best regards,




How did DD do this.jpg

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Hi Jef,

that looks beautiful!

Doing a quick search around, I found a lot of amazing pictures. So the tool is found. I guess now that mastering the techniques is the challenge.

I found a lot of videos and I really can't do a choice to link one. This is anyway a great way to do graphics, away from the usual geometric, symmetrical designs.

Thanks a lot for posting that great stimulus.

Best regards,

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