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old school f3f electra b3


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  After years of this Electra b3 sitting in loft I am going to try and get it flying next year.I will do a build tread . 

Is this the only Electra b3 left has any one had one or got one I would like to know if they have had one what they thought of it .



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I had one that I flew in a Danish Viking Race in the era in which they were kitted.

It flew pretty well and I still have the wing in my model storage room, although damaged, when the Rx battery failed up at Clench Common.

It had a slight weak point in the fuselage just in front of where the fin starts so it would be worth getting a little extra cloth inside whilst building it. I broke mine on landing on practice day in Denmark, overlooking the fish factory, and Nic Wright (designer) mended it for me overnight (thanks Nic).

It was quite aerobatic and would make a good sports model still, although the one piece wing made it a little awkward.

Have fun, a blast from the past.




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I was up in the loft at weekend so took a photos of my other Nick Wright Electra there can't be many of these about any more one day I will build a replica of his world championship glider .



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On 10/11/2015, 23:54:41, f3fman said:

I wonder where the model below has ended up ?  I bought it from Dave Woods but can't remember who I eventually sold it to.

Electra RG14A 1991.jpg

That Cavalier looks new so that dates the photo to 1990-91. Love the colour scheme

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