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Asturias F3F International Open 2016


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Hi F3F friends,

the Asturias F3F International Open will be held on 26, 27 and 28 of August 2016, the registration will open on July, but for all those pilots who live abroad and want to attend our Open and book their flights in advance before the registration is open, we have an " early inscription" , so please visit our website  and be in touch with us if you have any doubt, we will try to help you.


Looking forward to see you at the Asturias F3F Open once again.

José Luis


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Good luck to our boys on the entry list

Mike Evans

John Phillips

Tony Robertson

Hope the weather gods are kind and you get a full three days of racing.

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Thanks Paul. Comp sign on is 1.00pm today as winds build here in the afternoons. We flew last Sunday in a comp that started around 2 and finished at 7. Stunning area and walking and cycling is great. Hopefully the comp will be good. Weather today is mixed . 


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Hi friends,

we flew 20 rounds and had a fanstastic open once again. You can see the final results on the website of the Open.

More links to pictures here:

Carlos Cantero:



Alejandro Gil



José Luis



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