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Welsh Open 2016


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How many rounds flowen today then? 

Looks like you are all having a good time. I was wondering if you would get any flying in with all the rain. 


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No rain today. Early clag cleared for an 11 am start. We flew 5 rounds in variable conditions. it was quite sunny all day. Not many sub-40's. FTD was by Alvaro Silgado's 35.x Tomorrow is forecast to be pleasant weather with 8-10mph onto the Wrecker.

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7 hours ago, oipigface said:

No rain today. Early clag cleared for an 11 am start. We flew 5 rounds in variable conditions. it was quite sunny all day. Not many sub-40's. FTD was by Alvaro Silgado's 35.x Tomorrow is forecast to be pleasant weather with 8-10mph onto the Wrecker.

I do wish I was there... Those conditions sound perfect for someone starting out. 

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Well what can I say, a classic Welsh open... Three different slopes flown over the weekend with a mixture of clag, sun & rain thrown in for good measure, it doesn't get much better.

Congrats to the top 3 very well flown with some very close racing all weekend, also a big thanks to Mark, Kev, Stefan & AJ for sitting in the middle


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Looking forward to seeing the results & reading the report.

Pics & vid too from those that have them please.

Thankyou Kevin for all your coverage on facebook, really brought the comp to life for me.



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Another great Welsh, 3 days of racing can't be bad. 

Challenging conditions made for a lot of position changes, and whilst I didn't see everyone flights, standout moments for me were Simon's two runs on Friday. One was stunning in its commitment and accuracy the other was just stunning that anyone/anything survived it..

GBR Great big Balls racing, bodes well, I think for small Danish dunes.

Facebook Live - great idea Kev -- 

Thanks to all.


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I was feeling very low on Friday morning, but by Sunday afternoon life seemed a lot sunnier. Excellent event, well run and a really good test of Mark's new 'integrated' results system. It must have been s good test because he stayed up until 2:30 on Saturday morning fixing bugs in it!

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Sorry for the delay folks, but here are the final results after 3 excellent days of racing on 3 different slopes and a wide range of conditions. Thanks to Kevin for organising the event and all who helped and competed to make it a great weekend,


1 Alvaro Silgado 1000.0
2 Inaki Elizondo 994.8
3 Greg Dakin 989.24
4 Kev Newton 987.62
5 Joel West 986.05
6 Simon Thornton 980.57
7 Martin Newnham 973.67
8 Peter Gunning 964.08
9 Mark Treble 954.27
10 Rich Baygo 952.2
11 Frank Holtz 951.23
12 Stefan Bertschi 950.69
13 Graeme Mahoney 949.92
14 Mark Abotts 949.9
15 Stefan Fraundorfer 946.74
16 Martin Drewett 941.06
17 Jose Ramon Azcona 939.01
18 John Philips 931.3
19 Jose luis Alvarez 930.65
20 Jack Cubitt 926.37
21 Tony Livingstone 918.4
22 Dave Rumble 913.86
23 Kurt Planitzer 913.47
24 Mike Evans 905.22
25 Stefan Bernardy 902.98
26 Daniel Schneider 898.84
27 Arne Finkeldey 896.29
28 Josef Wiklicky 895.59
29 Mike McCracken 891.29
30 Andy Burgoyne 890.13
31 George Young 888.19
32 Ronnie Lampe 885.23
33 Christian Schnepfleitner 878.98
34 Paul Stubley 875.73
35 Keith Wood 874.06
36 Arjen Van vark 870.05
37 Eric Heine 869.09
38 Mike Shellim 866.25
39 Jon Edison 865.41
40 Ewan Maxwell 864.63
41 John Treble 862.18
42 Rick Ruijsink 861.18
43 Les Wood 839.37
44 Manfred Knuppel 837.98
45 Jason Bioletti 819.98
46 Alfred Salmhofer 813.59
47 Allen Elliott 797.6
48 Tony Robertson 435.27
49 Lazaro martinez Neito 0.0

Fastest time: 30.31 by Greg Dakin in round 3

Result from f3ftimer (https://github.com/marktreble/f3f-timer)

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Great pictures as always Mike.

Great contest as always, mixed with its frustrations but top 25 pilots with in 10% of each other and I think top 12 with in 5% goes to show the kind of standard at this great competition. 

Top job by all the organisers, thank you for a great weekend.

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As others have said it was a great weekend, with three very different days, all equally testing.  I was going great until the last day, when all the wheels (including the spare) fell off my wagon!  Then only consolation was we (team GBU) got the team prize, two places above Mickey's Massive :poke:.  

Was good to see plenty of non-UK pilots.  And we often don't realise just what a flying site we have in the Bwlch - The Austrian team - all experienced pilots, said the slopes were fantastic, and that they have nothing as good in Austria - Amazing!   We also had visits from a number of Welsh folks, including Mickey Gray (after which Mickey's slope is named) and I think Lee Morgan who motorbiked down from mid-Wales, as well as others.  AJ was there on the final day and instantly was CDing!  

Congrats to Al, Inaki and Greg for their podium positions, all three fully deserved their placings.

Big thanks to all those who worked so hard to make it a very successful contest.  Especially Kev, AJ, Joel, Martin, Mark, Graeme and Andy.  I am afraid I couldn't help much as I badly ricked my back on the first day, and could only move around rather slowly.  Final thanks to Abbo for 'Murray Walkering' my final flight :) 

Other notable things were Arne's absolutely awesome aerobatics - you have a rival Greg!  Also Graeme Mahoney who was presented with a plate, voted by the GBSRA pilots as the most improved pilot.  And he showed that this weekend with a strong performance.

Next stop Eastbourne...   Hopefully my back will be better for the walk up the Long Man :o


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Well that was an insane weekend of entertainment.:yes:

Great to catch up with old friends and make some new ones too. Delighted to take receipt of my newly

built Avatar (thanks Daniel!) and repatriate a long lost Jedi to boot....

Regarding the flying, there was a feast of entertainment - Abbo's pumping 😉, Simon's rocket propelled 32.xx which had the slope diving for cover, Joel's uber reversals and Rumby's new patriot missile bouncing along the compression - it was all there to behold!!!  

Really exciting to watch Arne and Daniel wring out their sports models, I wouldn't fancy going up against those guys in an aerobatic comp....

Thrilled to bits to pick up a couple of pots on behalf of the Tea Swillers and F3F Puppeteers - Richie and Ronnie 😎

Many congrats to Al and Inaki for richly deserved placings - a great weekend for Team Spain!!!

Thanks as always to Kev, AJ, Mark T, Martin, Joel, Graeme and fellow Midlander and all round top man, Andy B for running a splendid show...

Here's to a slightly calmer and more genteel gathering with the ESSA at the weekend!! 

Buff on👍



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3 fantastic days on the bwlch. What more do you need! Big congratulations to the podium placed pilots. Great to meet up with friends and make some more. Thanks to Kevin, Mark, Stefan, AJ, Joel, Graeme and Andy for running the event so well. Very slick indeed

I only had one "oh **** moment" on base b when I think Riks model was heading straight for me at a rapid rate of knots. Luckily he got control of it as I was about to dive for the deck!!

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Great three day's guys.

For me I think I would of done better if I left my plane's at the B&B for the first two days😃

No matter what i did i just got crap air and it felt like I was flying in crow😩

Just glad Sunday was better😎

There was loads of very  impressive flying,i.e. Simon on Friday😲

How hell you hung onto that Shinto I'll never know.

Just glad a wasn't buzzing on base B at the time because my pants would of been full of this 💩

Like Greg said the Spanish guy had a well deserved first and second.

Also well done Greg with that well earned third mate.

A big fat thanks to all that made the weekend so enjoyable. 

Hopefully see you all soon for the Winter Leagues.

Good look to all you guy's in the South of England Open the weekend. 

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I echo all of the above. A fantastic and totally knackering weekend.

Great people, great slopes, great organisation, great weather (excluding an hour on Friday afternoon) = a fantastic comp :)

Stand out for me was everyone who helped out, and the list of names was bigger this year which made it easier for everyone.

Stefan for organising the meal out.  I'm slightly embarrassed that it falls to someone from Switzerland to do it, but what can I say, the man loves curry (I'm sure that's why he does it!).

Mark for putting in some serious time in developing software that works and takes F3F in the UK out of the dark ages. 

Simon for putting his hand up to be the chairman of the GBSRA ensuring that we have someone sensible and knowledgeable at the helm to guide us through the next 10 years.

As for the guys on the podium, well they all made the best out of very different and challenging conditions. I did feel sorry for Simon as he watched his lead slowly dissolve on the final day which is why Stefan, Pete and myself decided to gift team GBU the team win as a consultation. :poke:

As for me, my duck was sunk on the Saturday. Either some poor flying brought on a migraine or a migraine brought on some poor flying (you choose) leaving too much to do on Sunday. Ohh well at least my book of excuses grows bigger :)

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If any Welsh Open Pilots set new Personal Bests (PBs), please put the details in the PB thread of this forum, and I will update the list shortly (Not just UK Pilots)


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