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Denis Oglesby

Wings Through a Yorkshire Mist

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Denis Oglesby

Not so much a blast from the past as perhaps an Autumn breeze - I have not been very active since the 1970s so thought I would update older members. I still dabble in aerofoil design with some success. I am currently flying an electric parkfly/thermal soarer with a video camera in the nose. I like the two flights for the price of one appraoach where I fly normally then view the videos back at home. I have enjoyed capturing interesting local scenes for myself and my neighbours and obtained interesting videos flown around banks of mist under a clear blue sky. I have put my favourite short video on YouTube via nephew Jonathan who has a YouTube account. It has been viewed quite a number of times and comes to the top when googling "wings-through-a-yorkshire-mist". Treat yourselves to the full screen version!

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