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F5J eurotour worldcup Toldijk - The Netherlands


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Dear F5J pilots,

After a very successful first worldcup F5J competition in 2015, our team tries to bring the contest to a next level. This year the F5J worldcup in Toldijk , the Netherlands, is scheduled on Saturday 25th and 26th of June. Toldijk is nearby Arnhem. It is possible to camp on the field.

We expect a lot of international friends and hope you also will join our competition. Maximum 70 pilots can subscribe. You find all information on our website:


Here you also can find “Bulletin zero und one”

Pilots subscribed so far:

1 Frank van Melick NL
2 Geert van Melick NL
3 John Ruiter NL
4 Jan Somers NL
5 Peter Zweers NL
6 Herman Dievelaar NL
7 Andreas Freundl GER
8 Leonard Cotrim Freundl GER
9 Sophie Cotrim Freundl BRA
10 Gunther Cuypers BEL
11 Jos kleuskens NL
12 Chris Gyssens BEL
13 Pieter Nevelsteen BEL
14 Erik Rukkers NL
15 Knut Bündgen GER
16 Heribert Starmanns GER
17 Dieter Rybold GER
18 Robert Blacquiere NL
19 David Clayes BEL
20 Paul van de Water BEL
21 Staf Peeters BEL
22 Adrie van Brouwershaven NL
23 Hans-Joachim Bosch GER
24 Gerhard Pollack GER
25 Bernhard Prade GER
26 Wilhelm Winkler GER
27 Nils Winkler GER
28 Hans-Werner Sonntag GER
29 Jan -Niclas Weiß GER
30 Andreas Stockhaus GER
31 Patrick Pee BEL
32 Juun Albers AUT
33 Alfred Schuller AUT
34 Ulrich Lenger GER
35 Henk Struik NL
36 Hans Hermsen GER
37 Pascal van Ool NL
38 Jean-Luc Dufour BEL
39 Udo Dressel GER
40 Peter Nelles GER
41 Wolfgang Vyvers GER

International overview:

The Netherlands:  12
Germany: 18
Belgium: 8
Austria: 2
Brazil: 1
Slovenia: 2 (expected)
Czech Republic: 5 (expected)

We would welcome you all and hope to see you in Toldijk!

Best regards,

Brian van der Gouw,

Team Eurotour Toldijk 


Toldijk 2016.jpg

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