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Open F3B Speed Contest 15th/16th October 2016


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May be worth making this a sticky please Austin.............

Invicta Model Flying Club will be hosting an Open F3B Speed Contest on the weekend of the 15th and 16th October in Sutton Valence.

(For clarification, This event is organised by Tom Saitnet, Myself and in conjunction with Invicta Model Flying Club, and currently has no connection to the BMFA F3B League).

Weather call nearer the date as to which day the contest will be on !

This is an open taster competition, to allow a wider audience the opportunity to view F3B first hand and also enter there F3J, F5J, Hotliner or any other glider to have a go at tearing up the F3B course.

If you are interested in seeing what F3B is all about, please come let me know below.

All welcome.....


F3B is winch launched multi-task soaring model typically of a composite construction, roughly around 3 meters span.

Full house controls, Rudder, elevator, Aileron and Flaps.

Light weight versions of Typical F3F models, however in recent designs in F3F models are trending toward wing section specifically aimed at Speed on the F3F course.


What is F3B Speed I hear you ask ?

Speed is simply that you fly 4 legs of a 150 meter long course as fast as you can go, including three turns.

Speed is generally flown in a 4 minute slot, with the pilot flying his/her model on the course one there own against the clock.

Fastest time wins, simple as.

Relaunches are allowed, providing that you haven't made and attempt (Entered the course.)


Typically, F3B models are flown with ballast for speed course, and its not the case of full either, as you may not have the lift or wind to bite into during launch to allow you to carry the weight.

Tactics are employed here, using the relaunch and trying to find that illusive thermal, to gain height before the attempt.


I will update this thread when I have more details nearer the time.

thanks for looking


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