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Does anyone knows Penn Cerrig-culch Crug Hywel?


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I try to come this year to Wales and/or Cornwall for slope soaring, in the end of october. It will be first time for me in Wales, because of familiy matters it is not possible for me to come earlier. How's weather in Wales at this time, ugly or acceptable? I like strong winds but not too much rain.

I found many articles about the well known hills like Wrecker etc. But does anyone knows this hill: Penn Cerrig-culch Crug Hywel near Bwlch? This site seems to be perfect for slope soaring: Bowls and edges to nearly every direction. Is it flyable? I searched for some more infomation but can't find anything. Thanks for your kind help!

Penn Cerrig-culch Crug Hywel Google Earth.JPG

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Hello Robin

.     I am proud to say that I have climbed to the top of every one of the highest 100 peaks in Wales of which Pen Carrig-calch is one. I have absolutely no doubt that given wind in an appropriate direction, you would find lift there. If you have a go make sure you don't  carry anything very heavy, and you have your hands free. It is at least two miles steep uphill walk from the nearest road to the peak, which is why it is not commonly used as a flying site. 

      You also ask about weather on Welsh mountains. The only sure thing to say about it is that it is unpredictable. The area you are talking about is in the Black Mountains, where the British army regularly take trainees. Sometimes they don't come back. So make sure you are well equipped for quite extreme mountan conditions even in summer. 

       Let us know how you get on.

      Best wishes


P.S. Before you go check the  Met Office Mountain weather forecast for the area.

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There is talk of another meet of Barcs slopers in Cornwall again this year, in October.

This is very casually organised by Bear who (usually) lives in the area.  I'm intending going and I would expect several others too, as well as local Cornish Slopers.

Keep looking on here for information as to when.

There are many good slopes, one of the best being St. Agnes Head which is a sea cliff with super smooth lift when the wind direction is good, mostly the prevailing wind direction.


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Hello John and Jerry

thanks for your replies. Army trainees not coming back from the Black Mountains? Sounds very cosy...

The Cornish Slope Meeting sounds great, I keep in touch for more information.

The main problem is: So many good slopes, so little time...

Best regards

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I have to travel 300+ miles to get to Cornwall but it is well worth it.  There's plenty of slopes and one additional advantage is that most are flyable with very little walk from the car and have good safe landing area's.

I can't say the same for the Bwlch  :(

Rhossili Down is a superb slope but a bit of a hard climb to get up to.

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Hi Robin,

 I just came across your video "Slope Soaring Heaven" on youtube. It's very nice, but I'm not sure of the wisdom of flying off the Crest in fog!!

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