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New Radio Required

Rocket Ronnie

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thing is:

it looks like a jeti

Frsky has no track record of producing good glider software at all (most radios can fly a wot4)

Opentx is what is good about the taranis. The box itself is a close copy of the jr9 but with a much worse user interface.

X9e didn't work properly (frsky denied this but revised it)

Frsky protocol was against eu regulations despite them being well known in advance (questionable whether new protocol is as good)

Given my experience with frsky I'm finding it hard to get excited about the horus.  


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Rob Thomson

Well.. I have a development horus.

i can say for sure..  It is a game changer.

The build quality is superb.   It just feels right.   It's the first radio I have picked up that made me think...   Will I keep my jeti? 

Currently I am running opentx on the horus.    It works as expected.   Anything can be done.    

The frsky os at my last tests was not quite as capable for comprehensive glider flyers.   It is however being worked on actively so I expect that all core functions will work by the time it launches.   But hey..   Just swap to opentx and you have real power. 

For me personally.   I am flying my big  gliders on jeti and my power / fpv / small models on the horus. 

The horus is compact and suits the quick trips to the field.   The jeti suits me standing on a hill all day -  and is a damn site easier and quicker to setup an f3f glider than opentx! 

All personally choice.   Both are good :)


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