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BMFA F5J Eastern League 25thSeptember


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Field just cut, 25 acres of lawn! Still not too late to enter, probable cut off time 6pm this evening.

We'll be flying on the other field - the even bigger field than the 'Stick & Ball' polo pitch we usually use as there may well be polo being played.

Toilet by lake at bottom of field (tried to embed map - failed, so here's a link)


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Sorry I didn't make it to the competition today. Manged to injure my shoulder and spent the morning getting it checked out.

Weather looks like its holding out so hope the day goes well. 


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Hi Steve,

Missed you at the comp yesterday, hope that shoulder soon gets better.

It was the final round of the season for the eastern league F5J event, with some pilots traveling a good distance to compete in the comp.

The weather was very kind to us no rain as predicted, sun out most of the day and a steady firm breeze with  occasional strong gusts thrown in.

Unfortunately the wind moved round more to the West about mid morning and this gave us a few problems with the curl over from the high hedge but this did not prevent us from having a good days flying.

When the the thermals did come over the field they were moving quite quickly down wind and this did lead to some interesting flying (who dares wins) with some pilots having a long walk to pick there models up.

I must mention one interesting round, pilots were walking out to there spots, and Brian Austin went for a comfort break this caused one or two funny  comments from the pilots who were waiting patiently for his return,  he then launched found lift followed it back flew the slot out, when all other pilots could find no lift and were down in quick succession.

I think every body enjoyed the day and me taking on the roll of CD, this gave Pete Mitchell a brake so that he could enjoy his flying.

Results attached




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Thanks Russell for stepping in to CD this comp, it was much appreciated by all, especially me.

 It was another great day out on a wonderful flying field, and with testing conditions.

I did enjoy my flying, despite only recording 4 flights and breaking both my Pike's:(

Nothing serious, just enough to stop me flying them :sweat:

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On 26/09/2016 at 13:19, Kikapu said:

Good pics of the winners, John.  Given the location it was quite appropriate to include the two polo ponies in the background.

I thought that was Paul and Randy. :lol:

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