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Cancelled - BMFA F3K League event - ISA Field Hockliffe 24/09/2015 (reserve date 25/09)


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All pilots are welcome but BMFA insurance is a necessity.  New contest pilots especially welcome.  

This F3K league event is to be held at Hockliffe, north of Dunstable on the A5.  This is a private club site and a farm field, normally grazed by sheep.

The start time will be 10:00 - please aim to arrive by 09:30 at the latest.

Entries close at 18:00 on Friday 23th Sept.

Please bring your BMFA Membership card to show for proof of insurance.

An entry fee of £10 per head will be charged for this event - please be ready to pay on the day - juniors free.

We have the option of flying on Saturday or Sunday (reserve day) this time.  PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHICH DAYS YOU CAN DO, IE


If you want to enter - reply or PM me, giving your AVAILABILITY, frequency and BMFA number.  I'll update a table below as the entries come in.

If you want to come and watch, please PM me with your details and watch this thread in case of any last minute changes.

Please note that this is a one day event scheduled for Saturday 24th.  It will only use the reserve date (Sunday) if the Saturday has to be cancelled due to a poor forecast.  Then, if Sunday's weather is also too bad, Sunday's attempt will be cancelled too.  Keep watching this thread!

Here's the field:-  ISA Field


1. Michael Stern        Sat    Sun

2. Neil P                     Sat    

3.  TonyH                   Sat    Sun

4.  SimonB                 Sat    Sun

5.  Bruce H.                Sat    Sun

6.  Mike C.                   Sat    Sun

7.  Dave H                   Sat

8.  Mike F                    Sat  Sun


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Please add me:

Pete Heywood, 116466, 2.4, 3 Both Days

Hopefully the Longshot will be finished by then, but lots of travel isn't helping!



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Unfortunately I will have to withdraw, as I'm stuck on a project abroad, which is taking longer than expected. I was really looking forward to it too :-(

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So, looking at the forecast, Saturday is looking like it will be very windy, on or over the FAI limit for most of the day and am likely to cancel Saturday if that does not change for the better.   Sunday is looking a bit better. Currently we only have 6 entrants for Sunday though. Any more for Sunday?.

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Right gents.  No reduction in wind for Saturday.  Metcheck is saying 7.5-8.5m/s average with 12m/s gusts.  That is too much, so I cancelling Saturday.   Currently Sunday is looking similar.  I will re-evaluate for Sunday, tomorrow.  Please check back here.

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I have just been flying in some of that wind and thinking that a contest in it would be dodgy!

Hopefully the wind is early so dies down for Sunday and a couple more fliers join in.

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I have come down with a vomiting bug. I can't see that will be well enough for tomorrow.  And since the forecast is now showing a fair bit of rain, I have to cancel really. If someone else wants to run it and brave the conditions, then that is fine.  I haven't managed to eat all day and since my dinner came up, I basically haven't eaten since Friday lunch. 

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Sorry Mike.  Wrong kind of throwing up.  Get well soon.

Now that we are five, timing becomes a problem as well.  I could CD and not fly to make two slots of two but I don't think there's much point folks travelling vast distances to fly against one other person at a time for no league points.

There's a comp next week at Bracknell too.

I agree - cancelled.


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