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Cancelled BMFA League event TVSF Saturday October 1st


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Sorry  -  cancelled!

This F3K league event is to be held near Bracknell, courtesy of the Thames Valley Silent Flyers.  This is a private club field and is normally 'members only'.

Spectators please PM me first for confirmation.

The start time will be 10:30 - please arrive by 10:00 at the latest.
The entry fee is £10 payable on the day - juniors free.

Entries close at 18:00 on Friday 30th September.

Please PM your entry to me, giving:-

BMFA number
1st and 2nd choices of 35MHz frequency or state 2.4GHz.

I'll update this list as the entries come in.

1   Mike F.
2   Tony H.
3   Mike C.
4   Lorry G.
5   Bruce H. 
6   Simon B.
7   Pete H.
8   Marin M.



Reggie P.


I have put some maps below to help locate the field - it's the one we used on June 25th this year.

The lanes around the field are narrow and often used by horse riders - please take care.






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I'm hoping to be able to attend this one, but just as a spectator/helper as I haven't managed to finish anything yet..

It will be good to see how the comps function before entering some.



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Forecasts are all showing a lot of rain for Saturday. Final decision by 1800 but at the moment it's not looking good.

Especially irritating with today not bad and Sunday looking very nice.  There is no option to use Sunday this time.

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I've spent a lot of time today looking at forecasts and hoping for some improvement but it seems that it will rain a lot at the field tomorrow so I have decided to cancel.  No point sitting around in a muddy field all day for a small amount of air time.

This really is a bit of a sad end to the season - I'm sorry about that. Four days in a row cancelled.....

But we have had some great events - thanks to all who organised and competed in 2016 - here's to next year.


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Good call Mike.. Shame though eh, I was looking forward to one last get together.... Well done Mike C, and thanks everybody, see you all on a field somewhere soon.

Simon B.

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As expected. Tough on you Mike. Why can't Saturdays be moved to the nearest nice day!

I have to say though that this F3k competition game is really quite inexpensive, four out of five of my entries cancelled.

Here's to 2017 then, oooh I'll be super practiced!

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Well, having sacrificed all comps this season to complete a professional qualification feels extreme, but life does these things. I have the space now to be committed whole heartedly to 2017 and just want to say I missed you all and followed events religiously. Now I'm qualified the next mission is to try fly as good as Mike S, Richard, and Mike C. Looking forward to next year....

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Reggie Perrin


Hasn't stopped raining all morning here up on the Downs...

Good call to cancel Mike, although the wife has managed to find me 'chores' to fill my Saturday morning.....

Doesn't she realise i've got 2 x DLG's to build..!  ;)

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