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Bartletts 200M League 2016 Final events


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A heads up for those who have missed a few comps this year.

You still have a chance to get your minimum 4 league scores in:thumbsup:.

The last scheduled round of this years league will be at Bartletts Farm on Sunday 9th. the option to use the preceding Saturday is there, if it should look necessary. 

And we also have a 'reserve' date booked for the 23rd. October, this to replace cancelled events earlier in the year.

As usual, any 2 of 3 classes can be entered. Either Open, 2M or 100inch.

£5.00 per class entered.

Please post your entry for the 9th here on this thread. I will start another entry thread for the 16th, next week.

Ian Nicholls                    Open                   2.4

Jef Ott                             100                      2.4

Michael Connell             Open                   2.4

Garry Mathews              Open                   2.4

Peter Ley                         Open                   2.4

Alan Twine                      Open                   2.4

Dereck Collings               Open                   2.4

Paul Cavender                 100                      2.4

Brian Austin                      Open                  2.4

Brian Austin                      2M                      2.4

Steve Knowles                  Open                  2.4

John Hovell                       Open                   2.4

Ray Gadenne                    Open                   2.4

Russell Mexome               Open                  2.4

Nick Jackson                      Open                  2.4

Eddy Small                         Open                   2.4

Randy Taylor                     Open                   2.4

Paul Wainwright                2M                      2.4

Rod Potts                            Open                   2.4

Keith Fisher                         Open                  2.4

David Jowers                      2M                       2.4

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Eddy Small

Hello Pete,

                  Please enter Nick Jackson and Eddy Small both Open on 2.4GHz.


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Just noticed the change in reserve date. 

Hope we don't need to use it as I have planned a dive group meal around the reserve date being on the 16th... and am consequently not available on the 23rd. 

Sorry for going off topic - see you Sunday / Saturday.

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The reserve date will be flown, that's if the weather is OK, as it replaces one league event we lost earlier.

Shame you can't make the revised date, but others have said two weekends in a row could cause them problems and the 16th is now a problem for me.

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Hello Pete.

I won't be able to attend tomorrow. I have a condition known as Policeman's Heel. Both feet are so sore after a day at work, that I am now having sessions with a physiotherapist.

It has been very difficult coming to this decision, if I thought I would be able to sit and spectate between flights, I would do so, but I know that I would not be strong enough to say "No" if someone wanted a timer, or if a model needed retrieving.

Wishing you all the very best for a great comp.

Best regards,


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  • Committee Member

Sorry to hear this Jef. pm sent.



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Are you still going to hold comp? I want to come but torrential "showers" here at the moment





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