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wiper replacement


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Having suffered a bit of damage ( delam) on the rear spar of my JJedge I removed the wiper to assist in access.

It appears to be no more than diamond tape. it is even sticky all over.

The spar repair is now complete. Can I just use a strip of diamond tape as a replacement?

thanks,    andy

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There is no right or wrong way to make AIL wipers. If it works for you then no worries.

My method, and there are many more, is to use a strip of 12mm wide sticky tape (Magic or Blenderm) with 6mm audio tape (C90) applied to one edge giving a non sticky (wiping) surface.

Regards Ian

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Boffin is right, everyone has their way. Mine is to use Diamond tape, usually cut a bit narrower that standard by sticking the bit you want to loose along a straight edge table and then cutting with a knife. Stick it on with the moving surface deflected, then blow talc onto the exposed sticky bit to de-sticky it. I've found this to be quick, easy and reliable. Got in a bit of a tangle when I tried to use audio tape and found this way easier for me. It does mean you end up with a half white wiper. I tried some carbon spray lube stuff instead of talc to get a black one but it didn't work. Johnson's baby powder it is.


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Reggie Perrin

If you can't live with the white wipers produced by using Talc, use some black toner from a laser printer.....

Be prepared for some mess though as it gets everywhere! and be careful not to get it on anything electrical as it's conductive...



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Thanks for the replies. I checked on the forum this morning and as there were no replies at that time decided on the Diamond tape and talc.

As Tony says, very easy to do. I stuck 5mm of the tape to a straight edge, turned it over, applied talc, rubbed in with finger.

And at lunchtime today it was back in a thermal!!  and it smells lovely!


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