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Now theres a trip down memory lane - c.2005

Still good stuff, but nobody talks about "grippy" anymore (plane turns tight without losing speed) - and its written well before the EM turn style was developed.

If you haven't seen it - also read John Treble's excellent F3F advice article on GBSRA:


I can personally recommend the "whistle & a friend" approach - it was me blowing the whistle for John! (and vice versa) - especially whistle off and whistle back on the course so you get a sense of how long you are wasting outside the course, and what that looks like. High time I had another session though :(

Another good tip I read somewhere was to practice cut recoveries, so when it does happen you don't lose as much time.



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Hi Jerry 

I must have read both of those 3 or 4 times before I even came down to Long Mynd with you that first time. 

I had seen videos of F3F on YouTube and these helped answer a lot of questions because at that point I had never even seen a comp. I just vaguely remember seeing someone I used to fly with practicing once but he tended to keep to himself so I never really spoke to him about it. A really nice guy, we just didn't know each other too well. 

They may be old but I think any new comer should be shown them. Now we just need a book on how to get better luck with the weather so we can race. Haha. 


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Hi Brett

My dear old grannie used to say "Be careful what you wish for" and, I think what you're saying here is a good case in point....... 

"Now we just need a book on how to get better luck with the weather so we can race. Haha"

I'm sure there are several books that can tell you YOU  ARE getting what you're wishing for.....you need/want cyclonic weather to produce the winds you need to fly F3F in,  NOT the warm, sunny, still days that continental weather gives you that thermal soarers pray for.....

What you don't want is the type of weather where, trying to get what they want (eg rain) means dumping tons of chemical in the atmosphere to artificially produce the weather you need

So, I'm afraid, what you really need is to be a "better guesser" rather than a better meteorologist, innit?:yes::)




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True but no chemicals needed, just more luck for good weather on the same day of the comp, not the week before or after...:huh:

I would settle for 10-15mph in the right direction, cyclones are out my comfort zone I'm afraid, learned that the hard way at HOH. At least for the next few years, then I will do my cyclone wind dance.

My brother is a farmer in the Freestate area of South Africa. One of the driest places and hasn't seen rain for 5 months. His views on artificial rain might be slightly different to ours in rainy England. :poke:


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