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16th Mosquito 14 Day Challenge

Tony Beckett

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Phil said:-
Conditions today where too good to miss!

Strike 2 in van but clouds soon rolled in.

11:30am and a break in the clouds! Working in Sutton, Cambridgeshire and went back to the school flying field I'd used in the summer with the Elf.

As I've recently had to replace the V stab on the strike I really just expected a trimming session. Trimmed out perfectly in no time and was flying better than ever. 

Warm sun & was getting lift & a few 2's & 3's. Nice Launch & got into beautiful lift with very little drift due to hardly any wind.

landed with 7:53 on timer. 

Few more launches & then a hedge jumped out at me & had to rescue, sun went in, I went back to work. 

Strike 2 is a joy to fly in these conditions

Phil Carter  25/10/16  Strike 2  7:53 

Good one Phil, 10secs up on your winning time for the 15th Mosquito Challenge of 2016.


This is a for fun challenge, anyone with a hand-launch glider that conforms to the Mosquito (less than 1m) class can post a time.
Object: Fly your  Mosquito class hand launch glider for as long as possible from a flat field, the person who's time is unbeaten for 14 days 'wins' and a new challenge starts.

Rules: Fly safely. No slope soaring.

Please post your times as follows:-. Pilot Name, F3K or Mosquito class, model name, length of flight minutes and seconds, plus date of flight. Previous challenges for 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 can be seen at www.f3k.uk

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Phil continues his set of wins for the Mosquito challenge by having no competition for the 16th Challenge for 2016.

I won't start a 17th Mosquito Challenge until someone posts a time here. Weather doubtful the next couple of days, although Friday looks possible at present.


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Reggie Perrin

Foggy start and no wind meant ideal conditions for a maiden with the new light Elf.

After a couple of trimming launches, a full launch saw me at a useable 20 or so metres each time. The air was very sinky all round with only very occasional sun poking through. Managed to hook into a tiny little bit of lift that saw an extended glide rather than any height gain but returned a satisfying 1:48 for the conditions

More to come once the cg has been adjusted slightly...

Reggie Perrin  23/11/16  Elf (95g)  1:48

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