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Electric-Assisted Flying at Whitesheet

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The problems I see Pete are not from cheap Chinese models, not yet anyway. Although that would come next  

They are much more seasoned fliers  they are not new fliers. Although they may be new to slope.  

THe example I gave  of the  two hot ships  was probably over 15 years ago. 

Expecting people to respect the slope is expecting too much   


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pete beadle

Hi Mike

It's not like you to be so downbeat

I'm more worried by the number of flyers who've said, here, that if the new regulations regarding drones are applied to R/C glider flying, they're just going to "give up and pack it in"

I know what you mean about seasoned flyers though. For several years now, Ivinghoe members have been complaining that, at least twice a year, well-known F3F flyers have been practicing their F3F racing at Ivinghoe, monopolising the slope, usually the West Face, and scaring the living daylights out of other flyers by flying heavily ballasted mouldies up and down the ridge at racing speeds, close in to the slope edge. Several of our members have gone home when they do this, wanting to avoid witnessing the almost inevitable calamity of one of there models tearing into the walkers and sightseers blissfully unaware of the danger they are in

I'm glad to say I have now convinced most of our older, non-competitive flyers, to simply stop flying while this is happening, and sit in their folding chairs waiting for theF3F flyers to go home, which they usually do around 1.0 - 1.30PM, and it's working! They've turned the mornings into a real, old-fashioned gabfest, and the afternoons into an almost non-stop flying bonanza that everyone there at the time seems to really appreciate. It's not the perfect answer - but it works......

Just a little more give and take with other fliers seems to work wonders

Oh and BTW, I've been on the Beacon 4 times in total solitary splendour this year, and twice with only two of us sitting in our folding chairs and flying 'til dusk. I'm not giving up the chance of a completely empty sky to play in, easily, even if I have to PAY someone to retrieve my model from the bottom of the slope - which has happened this year also.......




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Before reading this thread I was frankly indifferent to the use of electric power on the slope but Mike & Pete make a compelling case for its exclusion & I'll be sharing that within my flying Club - well stated! 

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