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Timing questions


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In prep for the new season, I have a couple of questions regards timing.

In a task that say has a 3min max flight, if the pilot makes his time but over flys,  do you mark down 3mins or the actual time of his flight? What's best for the CD? 

On a task that require a QT, is it just a case of stopping when the pilot catches (or lands) and starting when he throws? I saw a post on another forum about the points lost on a QT timing that was either just shy of 3mins or like 3m 1s. Is it really THAT critical that the timing is that accurate? 

Just preps for the new season so I fully know what I'm doing haha. 

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Richard Swindells

you can either write 3:00 or the full time (i.e. 3:03), the scoring software understands the max achievable time for the flight and will only apply the max-flight time permitted to the score. However if the total time in the air adds up to more than 10:00 minutes some questions might be asked (it did happen at the last WChamps)

The quick turnaround timing debate goes on and on.. generally those who are doing a QT will be using their regular timer... there is not really any need for QT in the UK, as our climate means there is usually enough natural separation in scores without the need for pilots to do any fast turn around.


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I like my timer to write down the time on the clock even if it is over.  This allows the pilot to review there times and see by how much time you flew over. Hopefully resulting in improvement.

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