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UK F3K Eurotour & World Cup 2017


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Its snowing outside so what better way to spend the evening than sorting out stuff for May :-)

Weekend of 13th & 14th May 2017

We had a great event last year, let's see if we can encourage a few more entries and make 2017 a fantastic one!
Location for the event - Little Bentley, Colchester, Essex, CO7 8SN.

I have created the event on the F3XVault website - pre-payment is a requirement for registration.

A list of entrants will be kept here but actual entry is to be made on the F3XVault site please.

Entry fees are Senior £25 and Junior £10, pre-payment is required by PayPal to tony@quick-net.co.uk
Pay direct to me to avoid conversion fees from GBP-EURO-GBP
Entries by midnight 10th Thursday 11th May

Directions to the field in the attached pdf file. Camping on the field as last year as well as a barbecue on Saturday night. Rather than take a set amount for food, or adding it in to the entry fee, we will pay-as-you-eat. Bring your own beer, wine, etc.


Entry List:

  1. Loet Wakkerman - NED - FAI 21456
  2. Tony Hickson - GBR - FAI 29424
  3. Jaap Hogeboom - NED - FAI 70184
  4. Bart Rotteveel - NED - FAI 21443
  5. Arjen van Vark - NED - FAI 70203
  6. Lorry Green - GBR - FAI 66378
  7. Simon Barker - GBR - FAI 101175
  8. Mike Challinor - GBR - FAI 90831
  9. Chris Biesmans - BEL - FAI 80001
  10.  Its de Vries - NED - FAI 70208
  11. Gianmaria Battistella - ITA - FAI 20193
  12. Maria Freeman - GBR - FAI 66426
  13. Richard Swindells - GBR - FAI 66353
  14. Marin Mitev - GBR - FAI 109021
  15. Carlos Dos Santos - GBR - FAI 83020
  16. Mike Fantham - GBR - FAI 29364
  17. Gavin Stern - GBR - FAI 83028
  18. Michael Stern - GBR - FAI 66376
  19. Neil Harrison - GBR - FAI - 93798
  20. David P - GBR - FAI 99674






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A reminder about FAI Licences

This being an FAI sanctioned International event, all competitors are required to have an FAI Competition Licence.
These are available from the BMFA, details here - https://bmfa.org/The-BMFA/Partners/FAI/FAI-Sporting-Licences

Current costs are:
If you don't have a 'blue book', ie. new applicant - £5
One year stamp - £10, or
Five year stamp - £30



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Hi All.

I'm Ferenc Paskai.

I moved to the UK few months ago. I'm a competition pilot in Hungary.

I would like to continue the model flying in the UK.

I'd like to go some F3K competition in this year. 

I signed up for a club where you will have the BMFA membership.

Is there anything else you need if I would like sign up for the competition?

Cheers PaSky


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Hi Pasky,

For most competitions all you you need is Bmfa membership, but for this one you also need an Fai license which can be done by contacting the BMFA. 

I hope to see you there.


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What's the most convenient airport? Stansted? Gianmaria from Italy is interested in coming and not being that familiar with the opposite side of the country thought I better check before dishing out recommendations!


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