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Air One damage


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Hi Folks, Ive had a mishap with an Air one, do you know where I can get spares/ second hand from, I dont want to kill the bank

I have a broken left hand tail stabiliser and currently running it on the incorrect wing joiner, if any of you have or know the whereabouts of such items I will gladly purchase them from you.

Alternatively who can repair them for me.

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Good idea Simon, forgot about Ian M, I've just emailed Tony Fu reference the repairs, this is actually Ians old original Air One, I also have his Original Willow and Merlin (personnel models), His Willow is in my profile picture.

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I was under the impression that "Mr Acacia" wasn't making stuff any more. I haven't seen anyone with a new one of his for a long while. Also Tony is not doing a lot of repairs, as far as I know. 

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2 hours ago, Scram said:

I would look up threads re: Mr Fu before going down that path, if I were you  :ermm:

Hello Scram, strangely I did this afternoon, upon those thoughts of people I've already started work on it my self, it was a time thing me not a skill set that i dont have, Im a fussy bugger anyway when it comes to finish so thought it best if i do it my self. Ive rebuilt totally scrapped carbon helicopter fuselages before for friends so this is no bother really, i was being lazy. Thanks to all for the heads up though.

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