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New Eurotour


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I was looking at the Contest Modellsport website yesterday, and noticed that they have introduced a new Eurotour class in aerobatics. Are there ever any aerobatics comps in Britain? Is there any interest in this at all?

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Following the links from there - this is serious large scale sailplane aerobatics off aerotow - e.g.


John - your Graecalis should be ideal - just need a honking great big tug plane :) 

I've never heard of anyone / any group in the UK doing (model) glider aerobatics off aerotow? - could be good fun? - wonder if there would be any interest from the scale soaring folks at their aerotow events?




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2 hours ago, satinet said:

The class isn't new. It's been on the eurotour website for years and there are results from the past on the site.

Yes, you're right, Tom. It's the manager that's new. There are three comps scheduled in Switzerland, Austria, and Germany.

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Phil I had a Swift that was setup for the Eurotour aerobatics comp ...the one Andy ellison had off me ....not the usual stick the servos in with a bit of epoxy build

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