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F3K BMFA Nats at the BMFA NFC, Buckminster Lodge.


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Entry list so far here, https://www.barcs.co.uk/forums/topic/6996-f3k-bmfa-nats-at-the-bmfa-nfc-buckminster-lodge/?page=2&tab=comments#comment-150542


Original text:-

Would folks like this F3K  event on the Saturday or the Monday of the end of August Bank Holiday Weekend?

I'm assuming that it would be best to avoid the Sunday so as not to split the three day weekend in half.  Avoiding Sunday leaves two full days clear for building (or something other!).

The calendar has it as the Monday at the moment.

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Don't know if I can make this one due to family hols but if there is a chance of me being there the Saturday would suit best.

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Sadly, this has gone against the posts above - I was offered a choice of days but this has not been possible to maintain due to circumstances beyond my control.

The decision has been taken to fly F3K on the MONDAY at the Silent Flight Nationals, as originally posted in the draft calendar in the top F3K thread.

Don't forget that tha BMFA NFC is not far from Barkston where the Power Nationals will happen on the same weekend.  It's about 30 minutes (less than 20 miles) away so camping at Barkston would work if you fancy a day or two at Barkston as well. You will also be able to camp at the NFC.

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The 2017 F3K National Championships are at the BMFA Buckminster National Flying Site on MONDAY 28th August.

Nats entries close on Sunday August 20th - entry form and instructions here:-


Entry via BMFA only but if you like, PM me and I'll post a list here.

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Richard Swindells

Probably the most ridiculous scheduling yet, I would have liked to have entered F3K and F5J, but it looks like the two most popular classes, with the most likelihood of pilots wanting to enter both, get booked for the most awkward day and charged a higher fee.


So we have 3 completely separate electric powered thermal duration contests on three separate days, with everyone else working around them


rant over :)


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I have just phoned Chacksfield House to make my payment and am told to date there are only 3 entries in F3k :cry:

I know there's time yet but to be viable I presume there needs to be a few more. Or maybe I can be guaranteed a 3rd place!


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Come on, get those entries in!  Don't forget that there is now a BMFA Trophy for the F3K winner at the BMFA National Championships, presented to the BMFA by BARCS last year.  That means a ticket to the Annual Dinner for the winner, to receive the trophy at the prize giving.

Just entered - hope they spell my name correctly on the trophy........


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