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Sydney Lenssen

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pete beadle

Hi Martyn

quote "I am sorry if I put peoples backs up with that comment, it wasn't intended.."

No apology is necessary, your reply stated your opinion and that reply was most welcome, most topics start by other members saying " OK, that's what you think, this is what I think" and gradually the number of replies build until the "knock down, drag out" answer appears and the toing and froing stops

It's what a forum is for and the BARCS Forum IMHO is the best there is:yes::D

Keep plugging on Martyn, we DO need to know your opinion

BTW I think the suggestions mentioning low-cost entry to our sport are the most "evergreen" and thank goodness for that, trouble is, not many of the suggestions  end up being taken up:(




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Thanks Pete

My other main interest in aeromodelling is that I run the UKCAA (Acting Chair, Secretary, Membership Secretary, Events Organiser, Newsletter editor (overdue) etc etc but not Treasurer). In 4 years this has grown to be the largest ACTIVE group of its kind in the world. We are only growing because we are constantly seeking feedback after every event, perform straw polls etc and we listen to what members have to say to make each event better and a little different every time. I have to admit that we are not a contest group although low key contests are now part of our remit and schedule. What we do well I think is to try and make every attendee feel special - its a day for them so they want to come back - and will also bring their friends, This approach wouldn't work for all groups - especially contest only groups but we do have some members who are now prepared to make a 350+ mile round trip just to attend. However, it is a different approach that is reaching the normal club flier and demonstrating that with the right type of event, you can take a sports flier out of their safe Sunday club environment and do something different

We have no forum but I do regular email updates etc - just to keep people informed of what is happening and make extensive use of FB to broaden the appeal.

My difficulty is that while I am a band of one - its stopping me do other things that I want to try.. 


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Nick Jackson

Kent Interclub Glider 2 (Multilaunch) 4 June

Could I remind anyone who needs to scratch a winching itch that Kent Interclub competitions are flown to multilaunch rules and open to all - come and join us. We normally have more people flying electric than winch launching but there are always at least a couple of winches out and we're happy to have more. Last competition in this series was won by Greg Hayfield flying off the winch.

More details on the Multilaunch forum:


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Brian McDonald

Such a shame that f3j will no longer be,, we had some great times when I was competing in the 90's /2000's. 

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