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This may be a bit too far West for you, and possibly too much of a walk, but I like to go to Thorncombe Beacon in SSW-SW.  Walk up from Seatown following the Coastal Path. Launch when you get to the flat area about 250m before the beacon. The edge here is slightly rounded and there Is rarely rotor. Launching closer to the beacon  (where the rabbits live and the edge is 90 degrees) is very tricky. Land directly behind you and well forward and you should have no problem. Avoid the sheep! National Trust rules apply.

Very powerful and very smooth lift with views around the whole of Lyme Bay.

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 Yesterday I went to Eggardon Hill, near Bridport. I haven't been here for several years, but I've been meaning to look at again for some time, mainly because it is northerly, and there aren't any other northerly slopes near where I live. This one is about 35 mins so quite convenient. I chose to go there yesterday not only because the wind was right, but I thought it might be usable as a Southern F3F League venue. Most of Eggardon Hill is given over to a big bronze age hill fort, and the slopes have been spoiled with ditches and ramparts, but just to the west of the fort, right at the end of the hill, there is a section of slope facing north, which is farmed by a member of the Marquis Model Club. https://marquisflying.weebly.com/flying-sites.html. Flying here for non-members is by permission of the club secretary.



The slope is maybe 250m long, and slightly convex. It overlooks a road, which is about 20 metres below the slope at the east end, and drops down to 30 or 40 at the other. This photograph was taken from beyond the easterly base.  The slope actually starts just beyond the gully on the left.


Behind the east end of the slope is a largish rotor-free grassy landing area. It is possible to land further to the west, but the top of the hill narrows sharply, and there is an enormous slope down at the back, so the costs of not coming in far enough forward can be great. Could almost certainly be DS'd.


In front, to the north, there is Dorset countryside, full of trees and hills and other turbulators, which were working effectively in yesterday's 12-14m/s wind. There were snow squalls coming through as well, so I can't really say I had a perfectly enjoyable time.


More Dorset countryside can be seen from the landing area. Those of you who know the Dorset coast may recognise Golden Cap on the right. The coastal promontory near the middle is Thorncombe Beacon, which I mentioned in my last post here.

This is definitely a flyable slope. Yesterday's strongish wind was, however, quite turbulent, and I found flying both Odyssey and Pitbull quite challenging. A bit of tungsten in the Pitbull would have helped, and it was no worse than Levisham. Landings are rotor-free as long as you stay forward.  I'll have another go next time the wind is right, and report back again.

To get there, leave the A35 on the road to Askerswell, and follow your nose past Spyglass (a pub) and up the hill. You will see the hill fort on the left. There is a layby near the top of the hill and a gate to a convenient footpath a few yards further on. Alternatively, there is a road junction just a little bit further up the hill, where parking is possible. Follow whichever path you are on through the NT's hill fort, and the slope is obvious.





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Thorncombe Beacon looks great. A bit far out perhaps for this trip but definitely one to file away for another time. I love the idea of flying from Doghouse Hill!

The Eggerdon Hill complex looks interesting, I will get in touch with the Marquis Club. I was a member for a year but that was 35 years ago or more!

Thank you Oipigface.

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barry h
On ‎27‎/‎10‎/‎2018 at 19:40, rwhitt said:


Ringstead is likely flyable if dry


Ringstead downs is probably best from Weymouth. You can park and fly from the top.     Eggardon hill is ok but the farmer isn't too friendly on the south facing slope, make sure you don't land out. There is a big bowl on the other side of the A31 from the Eggardon turn off. The Marquis club used to fly there. otherwise just about anywhere along the cliffs from Swyre  to Lyme Regis. 

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