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Hi all

Im reluctantly having to sell a brand new Gopro Hero 4 that I only just purchased. This is the Wifi camera that can be fully controlled by a phone or tablet while out and about. 

I have taken it out of the box to insert an SD card but otherwise it is completely un-used. Im asking for £200 and for that I will include a SanDisk 10 speed 64gb SD card. Can record over 4hrs video on 1080p.

PM me for pics.


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Come on guys.... I will tell you what, £170 and I will still throw in the huge 64gb SD card free. Any lower and I will need to call the police cause that would just be daylight robbery. :frantics:

There must be someone wanting to do some FPV, on board recording or just videos of your flying. Its all going to my next glider so you will be helping me get something better than the cheapest out there. :D


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