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Lofoten Open


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5 minutes ago, jwest532 said:

Well we made it after two flight and a long but beautiful car journey. Comp start tomorrow 😜

Good luck Joel, show those vikings how we do it. :D

Who has gone over from the UK? Wishing you all the best and I hope you guys get some decent weather for a really memorable comp. 

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View from the 'Mickey's Massive' House in Lofoten.  Final prep of models underway and we go and find a slope soon.



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We all like an eager Beaver !!! ,

                   Oh know , sorry , we all like Beaver is more like it :frantics:

      Good luck guys , may mickeys massive do the business



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We had a good day today with an afternoon practice on the SE slope. About 8ms and 20 deg C, F3F in t shirts north of the arctic circle :D


This is our house and the beach down the road, it really is a stunning landscape.



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22 hours ago, simon_t said:

View from the 'Mickey's Massive' House in Lofoten. 

Ohh -  are you a GBU refugee finding a new home at the Massive's.... :lol:

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Results after day 1 , you can find them on f3x vault. Glorious sunshine all day, 24deg C but very crossed and very variable!

JP was star of the day, he has been communing with trolls to hook thermals most rounds :poke: Simon going very well too, thinking it was not variable! All about the line ;)

I was average every time, no mistakes but no good air, one particularly bad when I entered the course tail down. Greg was similar flying well to not much avail. Stefan had a couple of stinkers 🙁

But all to play for, even lighter winds tomorrow, so hopefully the thermal gods will spread it around a bit. Stefan cooking bolognese tonight in the Massive house of gastronomic delights.Screenshot_20170608-192342.png.fb6d79f7593b7fb23a191eabf8bb5de5.png

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Thanks for the update Peter, all you guys are doing really well. 3 Brits in the top 5, awesome. 

Post some pics please. 

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