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Lofoten Open


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Long journey back home today after a great comp

congradulations to Carlos and Simon it al so very close at the end.

big thanks to Espen and the team for a very well run comp in the most stunning place, one off the best get together for a long time.

conditions where very challenging at times and with a very hard hill to fly, most flyers manage to work it out in end.



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What is it they say; " the more you put into life, the more you get out".  Well this trip certainly proved that.  Yes it's not the easiest place to get to, and at times can be eye wateringly expensive, however I have to say it was one of, if not the, most beautiful, un-spoilt and interesting places I have ever been to.  The pictures really don't do it justice and I can't explain what effect the sun not setting has on you other than the fact that you don't sleep a lot but oddly don't feel tried (it's catching up with me now though!)

As for the comp, well we got 17 rounds in a Euro tour, with 34 pilots competing from 9 different countries, 100 miles above the arctic circle - what's not to like about that?  Well it's fair to say that although the weather was glorious, the wind didn't always play ball putting us on, probably, not one of their better slopes  It was also typically crossed and sometimes very light. This meant that the times in the rounds often varied by 20+ seconds which meant that some of us (me) may have been heard to mutter those oh so famous words "thermal lottery". That being said, if you ignore the results and were to ask me who  the 3 stand out pilots were, the names would be John, Carlos & Simon.  All quickly worked out how to exact the most form slope with the air that they were given and didn't make any mistakes (on reflection it's another page for my big book of excuses).

As for the crack, well the massive accepted another member into it's clan this year (Simon) and although some say that 3 is a crowd  (so God knows what 4 is!), we all got along swimmingly and we all took it in turns being either the cook, pot washer, or DJ - and had a really good laugh in the process.

 As for the wider group, well I'm always a bit weary about banquets wondering how everyone will get along and whether little cliques will form so that some people feel excluded.  However, I have to say, it felt like 30+ mates got together for some food and a couple of drinks and just had a laugh (normally at my expense) whilst waiting for the sun to set :).

Anyway the Massive is already scouting for it's 2018 road trip and if you are after a fantastic break I suggest you start at the euro tour dates.



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Fantastic week away in sunny Norway!!!!

I'm pretty much bankrupt now, but it was worth it for the 'cabin experience', JP's win, Simon's podium and Pete's stonking final day performance, which was superb. The only downsides were the variable air, cost of beer and burgers, aniseed ice-cream, and Joel's fish flakes 😄

Espen and his team organised the event superbly, the US guys loved Joel's "insultathon" at the banquet, and JP and I almost drank the local supermarket dry of Pilsener and Magners - all marvellous stuff!!!

Lofoten is a pain to get to, but the internal flight regime in Norway is superb, so all we needed to do was find our way to the various gates. The final flight in a Dash 8 was excellent - suitably bumpy and entertaining, with fantastic scenery and a real sense of entering a very remote location - the Ice Station Zebra of F3F 😄

Unlikely that I'll be heading out there again, unless I get an invitation to the Lofoten Race Weekend, but it was a superb experience, enjoyed with the best of british and many new and existing friends.

....and, at last we have a British Norwegian Open Champion!




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