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North of England Eurotour 30th June - 2nd July 2017


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Billiant day! Wind dead on, well close enough that makes no difference at Levisham, started very light but just got better on better as the day went on with lots of sunshine to boot. Another 8 rounds completed. With rounds taking nearly an hour made for  long day. Finally left the hill at 18:00 after unbroken flying from 10:00

10 rounds so far over the 2 days gave the following results :-

1 Dieter Perlick 8279.840 1000
2 Rich Bago 8161.610 986
3 Simon Thornton 8042.180 971
4 Peter Kowalski 7949.710 960
5 Stefan Bertschi 7906.690 955
6 Greg Dakin 7836.470 946
7 John Philips 7773.660 939
8 Peter Gunning 7639.440 923
9 Frank Holtz 7513.530 907
10 Graeme Mahoney 7489.360 905
11 Mike Evans 7482.630 904
12 Tony Livingstone 7469.010 902
13 Torsten Herman 7412.370 895
14 Mike Shellim 7400.270 894
15 Stefan Bernardy 7364.700 889
16 Mark Treble 7310.400 883
17 Rick Ruijsink 7267.060 878
18 Dave Watson 7244.800 875
19 Keith Wood 7191.510 869
20 Martin Drewett 7097.880 857
21 Paul Stubley 7067.540 854
22 Arjen Van vark 6941.310 838
23 George Young 6877.540 831
24 Jon Edison 6870.080 830
25 Ewan Maxwell 6843.650 827
26 Les Wood 6596.190 797
27 John Treble 6333.560 765
28 Mick Walsh 6254.800 755
29 Nigel Whitchalls 5531.190 668

Roll on tomorrow, forecast looks similar, but a shorter day of course, last round at 15:00
Bright and early again at the same place



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Sounds like ysdy was a 'cracking' day well done guys.

Very best to you all for another great days racing today :thumbsup:

Looking forward to reports, posts & pics please .


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Ian Falconer
3 hours ago, drewetm said:

Here you go Stu, we are camped out in the heather 


Nice pink glider come on GIGGOF

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5 hours ago, drewetm said:

Here you go Stu, we are camped out in the heather 


Errr.....Its called Bracken Martin :whistle:.

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Another great day at Horcum. With the winds now changed to WNW, meant we were back to Levisham, but a little further along the ridge to try and offset the northerly content of the wind. Unfortunately any North in the wind makes the slope even more variable. If you catch some bad air its like flying through treacle, but if you get some good air, then hang on, as things are about to get interesting!!

But despite the variablity, another 6 rounds were achieved today, making a magnificant 16 in total. The final results gave first place to Dieter Perlick through his very consistant flying , and that was despite some ballistic flying from both Rich Bago in second and Greg Dakin in third, with Rich taking FTD ( weekend actually ) of 35.37 in R10.

Also as this was a Team event, the top three teams were :-

1    Mickeys Massive GB   ( Simon Thornton    Peter Gunning    Stefan Bertschi )
2    SAF                             ( Dieter Perlick    Peter Kowalski    Torsten Herman )
3    GIGGOF                      ( Graeme Mahoney    Tony Livingstone    Martin Drewett )

Well done done guys, a great achievemet.

Full final individual positions were :-

1 Dieter Perlick 12632.780
2 Rich Bago 12469.390
3 Greg Dakin 12310.220
4 Simon Thornton 12214.960
5 Peter Gunning 12137.640
6 Peter Kowalski 12130.630
7 Stefan Bertschi 12054.780
8 Frank Holtz 11843.110
9 Graeme Mahoney 11735.510
10 Tony Livingstone 11633.230
11 Mike Evans 11552.550
12 Stefan Bernardy 11458.440
13 Martin Drewett 11457.830
14 John Philips 11442.480
15 Torsten Herman 11392.030
16 Mike Shellim 11344.690
17 Keith Wood 11263.010
18 Mark Treble 11211.380
19 Rick Ruijsink 11105.520
20 Paul Stubley 11088.590
21 Dave Watson 10953.170
22 Arjen Van vark 10875.240
23 George Young 10853.780
24 Ewan Maxwell 10703.580
25 Jon Edison 10594.700
26 Les Wood 10321.690
27 John Treble 10270.270
28 Mick Walsh 10244.730
29 Nigel Whitchalls 9678.940

Full spread sheet to follow.

Many thanks to everyone for helping out with all the tasks of carrying the course etc. Special thanks to John Treble and Ewan Maxwell for taking on the dreaded 'buzzer supremo' and thanks to CD's of Mark Treble and Rich Bago for running the center, or in Rich's case, just keeping us in order!



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Greg Dakin

Well that was an absolute blast!!!

Marker pens, stickers, sea mist, sun burn, cross-winds, beer and fish & chips......what more could an F3F enthusiast wish for!!!

Great organisation from Jon E, Mark and Rich, plenty of humour and good spirits, and a suitably relaxed holiday atmosphere.

Dieter and Rich were undoubtably head and shoulders above the rest of us, and flew tremendously well under pressure. There were plenty of us trying to strip Bagoo of his FTD of the weekend, but this guy just kept coming back with his super-charged FS4 to retake the prize 😎

Rough Levisham justice abound too for JP, Peter K, Simon T and Euan M - it's always astonishing to watch the same pilots receive the same stodge, round after round - and in this case, it reall skewed the final standings.

Model-wise, there's probably not too much to comment on - Freestylers of all flavours, Calderas and Baudis models all performed well at various weights, using various flying styles. The lower cambered models did seem to be better positioned to manage the cross-wind conditions though. 

Major highlights included Paul Stubley's warp speed run in strong thermal lift, the turning performance of Team SAFs Calderas and the wing-bend / sound effects of Nigel W's Crossfire in big air! 

So, all in all a fantastic weekend - surely Jon E can't be serious when he says this event was the last North of England Open - he may be SFTC Chairman, all round hero and the stalwart of Northern F3F, but a man of his talents has no right to retire. I may open a petition for GBSRA members to enforce the permanence of his position 😬 

Great job as always Jon - and if it was your last 'big event' as organiser, it was a stunner!!!!







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Congratulations Dieter on winning the event. Congrats to Rich on achieving 2nd place & taking the events FTD. Congrats Greg on your 3rd place

Well done to everyone on your own placings.

Well done Jon E for organising what sounds like was a 'Cracking' event :thumbsup:.



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6 hours ago, Gromit said:

Paul Stubley's 'Warp speed' run sounds interesting , how was it for you Buzz :cry:.


I stepped up to be dealt those conditions we all dream of, and keep us coming back for more.  However, a weekend of watching guys getting the very best out of poor to average conditions........ now that is a skill I'm a long way off mastering, but determined to get there one day :thumbsup:

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Stefan Bertschi

Back in the office after a uneventful flight from Manchester to Zurich. Even all the luggage arrived...

I can only second what Gregg already wrote. It was a fantastic weekend. Looking at the forecast on Thursday morning I really feared that we will not get a comp at all - thankfully my fears were proofed completly wrong.

Levisham gave us the full range of his best and worst - but if you decide to go to the Yorkshire Moors you know what to expect so no complaning (or only a bit). Highlight was Pau's 37.xx flown in great style. I was up right after him and was amazed/annoyed as after a big thermal there is normally..... well you know what :-).

The Lowlight for sure was Peter Gunnings 36.xx as 3rd to last pilot in Round 13 killing my 38.xx...

Concratulations to the podium. Truly well deserved and reached with different ballasting strategies. Dieter was fairly light, Richs ballasting was moderate and Gregg flew a Lead-Sled (those are all assumptions/hearsay)

A big thank you to John Edision and his team for all the effort put in. Also a big thank you to the 2 Buzzer-Supremos and a thank you to Simon for joining the Massive and leading us to the win of the Team-Trophy.

Now it's time to scratch all the stickers of the models again :-)

See you all at the Welsh Open.

Cheers Stefan


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Ok , I take it all back - Levisham is FUN!!!

Entertaining , exciting, frustrating, demanding, 

There are those in our number who seem to be able to master it, so variable it may be, but quite possibly the best pilots are more than lucky.

Dieter as usual just did the business, nailing every turn and keeping the course length down to a minimum.  Rich was Ballistic - most of the time, and Greg got his act together (or played his Joker) as the conditions became their trickiest on the Sunday.

Very well done guys. 


For my part, I enjoyed turn 9, 10, 11 and 12 on a run Saturday afternoon. Couldn't resist taking a few more as the Shinto was playing such sweet music. Big grin despite the run actually only being a 51. Also enjoyed the cut on turn 3 on Sunday morning. The resultant slope turn seemed to induce an element of Ds and the rest of the run just got faster and faster.

Pauls 37 I was on Base B and it was great to see just how accurate Paul was flying his Pitbull. Great stuff.



Levisham of course needs lots of rounds to make it a good comp, and massive thanks to Jon and the team for ensuring that happened, and making this a great comp.


F3f  - mojo rekindled. 






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Greg's summary says it all - it was a splendid three days, all the more so for the inauspiciously damp start. Many thanks to Jon, Rich and helpers for keeping things moving smoothly.

From a personal PoV, I'm enjoying the Needle 115, it handles well and looks lovely. Unfortunately for me, the massive thermal I'd hoped for didn't materialise the one time I loaded it up to 4.2 kg... but I did learn that it handled the loading (68 g/dmsq) and rough air pretty well.

Some photos:


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Excellent Photos as Always Mike,

 You always get the Launches perfectly , shows movement in a fantastic way .

            Well done all , for a good looking event




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Wow, great photo's again Mike. The one of John Treble with reflections of pitbull is my favourite among many great shots!

A fantastic weekend in great company in one of my favourite places, the fact we got 16 rounds in and I got to drop two stinking scores (580ish & 620ish) was a real bonus. A great job by Jon, Mark and Rich had us flying just about continously apart from a few damp and misty spells on the Friday. John Treble and Ewan were excellent buzzer supremo's and we proved it is not a thankless task by repeatedly thanking John for his efforts.

What stood out about Dieter and Rich was how they flew such a tight course consistently in what ever conditions they were dealt. Greg stood out for his brave tactics on Sunday flying very heavy to cut through the cross wind which meant he went much quicker than most in poor air sometimes accelerating through the run using sheer mass and momentum despite the conditions, fantastic skill on display! Paul's ballistic 36 on Sunday really stood out for it's accuracy as did Greg's bombastic 37.

My position in Mickeys Massive is under threat for displacing team mates on the last day of Eurotours :whistle: It's not a conscious effort to start badly but one thing you do learn with experience is to try and stay positive right to the end, this is sometimes as difficult as the flying!

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The summaries above really capture what turned out to be a classic HoH event.  The start in the drizzle was tough, and I started with a 'drop' (there were several more to come).  But two rounds covered meant a good chance of getting in at least 4 rounds across the weekend.  The forecast hadn't been that great for Saturday and Sunday, but by the end of Friday it was an improving forecast.  As it turned out, the weather was much better than we expected and got better and better.  Plenty of wind and warm sun.

The podium pilots were all deserving of their positions.  They all converted the conditions they were dealt into good runs.  Rich was notable for the impressive setup he has achieved with his FS4, which was turning very well indeed.  He also hit the bases very well, flying a compact course.  Dieter flies like a robot, and put in many well flown runs.  And Greg went large... (with ballast) and beat the hill into submission.

A run of less than average air on the last day, and a cut in the one bit of good air I had dropped me off Saturday's podium position, and I was convinced I had dropped much further, so I was very surprised with my final placing.  I was honoured to be invited to join old team rivals 'Mickey's Massive' for this comp due to Joel pulling out (GBU has dissolved with Martin retiring and Kev's rare appearances).  We were slightly behind team SAF going into the last day, so I thought my performance had stopped us taking the top spot.  And it probably would have done were it not for Pete's last day spurt - a great effort similar to his late showing in Norway.  We had a great team Thai meal (sort of) in Whitby on Friday evening.

So a big thanks to Jon Edison, Mark Treble, Rich Bago, John Treble and Euan Maxwell for all their hard work over the weekend.  I talked to many pilots, GB and from across the channel, and they all had a great time (even with the 'Levisham Lottery').  A very memorable event.  Hopefully there will be another Northern Open next year...




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Being back after a very calm night on the Ferry (no wind at the North sea!) Dieter , Torsten and I can look back on a really enjoalbe Eurotour at HoH with record setting 16 rounds for this Event.

Many thanks to Jon for his efforts to run this comp for 10 years in a row and I can only hope Mark T is montivated to take over for the future. (of coruse a bit with my personal hope that at some point I will also be rewarded with some of the enjoyable big airs to work on improving my very old Horcum site PB from the year 91..) ;-)

Wish you all a nice summer, see you,


Peter K

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Big thank to Mr E  for another Northern Open,I know you have said it's going to be your last,fingers crossed it's not.

If it is then thank you very much for all you have done and you have been at the for front of are sport.

I've only been flying F3F for around four years and it can be so frustrating when you are trying your best and get bad air,but when that sign of warn air comes and your plane starts to go like you've just stole.

Well that's why I keep coming back for more,made for it😎

This has been my second Northern and it dose not get any easier but I hope I learn from mistakes and move forward to make myself a better flyer.

No matter where l come on the leader board it's always a good laugh and meet up with good friends.

Well done to the top guys you really deserve your positions,but most of all to to my good mate Paul with  that amazing run.

also thank to M and J Trebbel and Erwin.

Great weekend and to anyone who's thinking about coming along to one of these comps no matter how good you are then just come along,you'll have a blast.

And good to meet up with you guys that made the long trip from overseas and see see you in Wales.


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12 hours ago, rc-soar said:

Greg's summary says it all - it was a splendid three days, all the more so for the inauspiciously damp start. Many thanks to Jon, Rich and helpers for keeping things moving smoothly.

From a personal PoV, I'm enjoying the Needle 115, it handles well and looks lovely. Unfortunately for me, the massive thermal I'd hoped for didn't materialise the one time I loaded it up to 4.2 kg... but I did learn that it handled the loading (68 g/dmsq) and rough air pretty well.

Some photos:


Mike,  A 'Cracking' set of pics, thank you so very much for sharing :thumbsup:.


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