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North of England Eurotour 30th June - 2nd July 2017

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Many thanks Guys for the kind comments and reviews of the weekend.
Full results for which can be found here :-

http://www.nymrsc.org.uk/Assets/docs/North of England Open 2017.xls

Just before the talk of my impending retirement / demise gets out of hand, I only said that I would not do another North of England Open.
That doesn't mean that there won't be one, just that I hope someone else would step up to the plate and take on the organisation

By the time of the next one, I will be looking towards my free TV licence, :)
In the meantime its business as usual with the BMFA League and all



ps Anyone got an Extreme Canopy for sale - lost mine in the bracken walking back from landing.

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I can only agree with what has been said already.

fabulous weekend in great surrounding and good company, even though I didn't have the pick off the best air on offer (unless it was a refly) I had a great time.

as always really well run by Jon and the team.

a nice meal out at Greg's country club was a real treat, but it a shame I'm sure they will not invite me back. (just didn't dress right).




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paul garnett

Wow guys, sounded like a classic HoH Levisham day of ballistic air and porridge, had my fair share of that..

Would have loved the chance to fly with our European partners, always an interesting mix of styles to scrutinise.

Well done to each and everyone who flew, Levisham can be a very cruel slope, notwithstanding the climb up it..

Hope to see you all soon

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Only just recovered from the weekend. It's always good to go out on a high, Jon, and you really succeeded in doing that in style. 

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