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Kent Interclub Multilaunch

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Scroll down for Results etc. 11/07/2017

You are invited to Kent Interclub Glider 3 Multilaunch competition to be held at the TONBRIDGE Field (Kent) 9th July CD Keith Fisher ENTRANCE Free for KI Members £5 on the day for non KI

To enable a enjoyable day please could you notify Ian Nicholls by email iannicholls60@hotmail.com by Tuesday 4th if you might come and then no later than Friday July 7th confirm with details of model Glider Class Open or 100", Electric Open or 100" and Frequency so a matrix can be set up?

The Rules are BARCS Multilaunch as we used last year where Electric launched gliders must have a Motor stop function set at 175m and 30 seconds. Entry fe to Kent Interclub members £5 for others payable on the day

For Electric launched gliders the Time Keeper must in addition to the normal flight time and landing points should also record for Electric launched gliders on the score sheet the F5J launch height for future Kent Interclub evaluation of rules. Recommended settings for the amrt will be sent on request.

Tonbridge field location, directions and Map Link will be sent upon entry confirmation but nearest postcode is TN11 8PN

We want to have a full day flying so please check in by 09:30 latest and be ready for Pilots Briefing at 09:45 with the competition starting at 10:00 sharp.

A minimum of 4 rounds and a maximum of 6 rounds will be flown with one discarded score. In the event of a tie two 15 minute round fly-offs will be held between the tied pilots.

Alternative forms of notification for entries,

Pick up the phone and call Ian by Friday 7th July on 01304362370 or 07760750298

If you have any queries please let me know as soon as possible?

Thanks and best regards


KI  Multilaunch 21 entrants so far Open Electric OE or Open Glider G
Greg Hayfield G, Iain Stingemore G, Ian Nicholls G, and Mike Connell OE for Bloobirds
Richard Harris OE, Keith Fisher OE, Rod Potts OE Steve Crowther OE, Simon Thornton OE, for Invicta
Alan Twine OE, Derek Collings OE for Bromley
Bob Ryan OE, Gravesend
Brian Martin OE, Terry Letchford OE, Keith Benton OE, Alan Harris OE, John Postle - G for SADMAC
Eddy Small OE, for Canterbury Pilgrims
Bob Hope OE for Tonbridge
Eamon Keating OE Non KI
Phil Ramsey OE Non KI

Edited by Nicholls
Entrants added
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Was a cracking day.  Thanks again to all that organised this, esp Keith who kindly forfeit his flying to score the rounds.

Thank you


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What a super day we, the 18 flyers, had at the Kent Interclub Multilaunch competition at Tonbridge with little wind but challenging conditions and variable amount of thermals. At last the winch launched gliders had a fair crack as the wind or what there was of it, stayed pretty much in the same direction that allowed launching straight into it for a 4th, 5th, 6th position result. (John Postle had a winch battery problem and then failure and help wasn’t sought unfortunately).
Congratulations to Simon with his lightweight Optimus, Keith with his Explorer and Alan with his RayX. Thanks to all helpers but especially the great work by Keith Benton as scorer. You will see that most except Simon Thornton and Keith Fisher had at least one poor round.  I had 2 flights in one round that were poor!

There were 2 no shows and Keith Benton whose model failed the fitness test the evening before couldn’t fly but turned up to be the scorer and Man of the Day. Thanks!

Eamon Keating was the sole non- KI flyers again travelling over 140miles return trip to enter our competitions and we appreciate this very much as apparently does he.

We run Multilaunch (to BARCS rules since 2016) as the Kent Interclub which was formed in the 70’s (I was Chairman 38 years ago when I was 33 years old) started out with hand towed gliders and 6minute max’s and still encourages well maybe not discourages winch launched gliders. Some still do not have or fly electric powered ones, others like me have both but fly the former regardless of any disadvantage we sometimes experience especially when the wind direction doesn’t suit the field or changes during the day causing cross wind launches.  In addition to photos by Simon and me I've included those taken by my clubmate Iain Stingemore of me and my much used Experience Pro (ex Rod Potts) that was given to me by Greg (he equivalent number of servos in exchange)

Thanks to all of you.

The eyesight test was passed by Greg at 552 meters and failed by me at 546.6m but thankfully Iain my timer guided me for a split second or two.

G3 Overall results e1.jpg

G3 Team Results e1.jpg

G3 Landing Results.jpg

Simon 1st presentation.JPG

Keith 2nd presentation.JPG

Alan Twine 3rd presentation.JPG

Keith Benton Glider 3 Tonbridge.jpg

Greg me Mike Xpro.jpg

Xpro Greg launch.jpg

Xpro away.jpg

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Thanks Ian - what a great day - better than forecast, a bit breezy at times, but lots of lift (and sink) about, not always fairly distributed.  Well done to you and Keith F for ably running the comp and at the same time flying very well.  Particular thanks to Keith B for turning up and doing the scoring in spite of too many hours at work and hence no model - your a star!  

The Tonbridge field is always interesting to fly at, and the breeze was sometimes on the trees and giving a bit of lift, but not always reliably.  But mostly it was down to the thermals, with the buzzards often pointing to where to fly.  Most, but not all slots were flown out, but often it was only one or two pilots that lasted the distance.  It was also good to see more pilots trying aggressive tactics, like heading downwind whilst still climbing out.

A few other notable points - Bob Ryan was unlucky to have his elevator servo lead fail causing a dramatic nose up then down into the ground from about 50'.  His Maxa suffered a fair bit of damage to the centre panel, but it is repairable.  The other was a super performance by Eamon Keating (@Buster46) in Round 1, with some nifty thermalling to get the 1000.  

Rod Potts had a lucky flight when he flew his Electric Explorer on his Optimus memory - It seemed to go up on power OK, but it soon became apparent that even with full left aileron and rudder on the glide, it was still turning slowly to the right.  I was talking for Rod and asked if he wanted me to help, and he handed me the Tx.  With careful use of the elevator I found that if I kept a bit of speed on I could just hold the wings level. I managed to get it back over the field and used a bit of crow to bring it down to what turned out to be a very gentle landing.  After we both took a breath, we got Rod's second model and he was still able to get a 5+ minute flight in.  Could have been so much worse!

I had loads of fun, my CN Models (Flightech UK) Optimus EL really enjoying the conditions.  It is a joy to fly, as it is really responsive to the controls, as well as showing lift really well.  You can float around and turn really tightly low down without worrying about any nasty behaviour.  And boy does it climb well (585m in Round 5 - Sorry Greg & Ian)




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Thanks Simon for your view of the day (you seem to have time to absorb all around you and still have spare capacity to fly) we all benefit from it.

Although being winch launched my plan from the outset was to turn left off the ping and then search downwind for lift based on my observations at Interglide and in the last 2 years seeing a few of our top UK flyers in F5J competitions in Sussex and Kent. It, or I, failed twice in one round but worked for me in 5 and with my Experience Pro that others and I was sure suited windier conditions.

Congratulations on your altitude achievement, now we need to see the flight logs to determine the best save of the day.

Mine was from 50m or so.




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