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Pitbull 2


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40 minutes ago, oipigface said:

Couple of questions about this video:

He's shown blowing up what looks like an ordinary party balloon, but the one in the mould is as long as the fus. Is the long one the same kind of stuff as the party balloon? I've tried doing something similar myself and found thet party balloons were easily (if not quite always) broken by stray ends of CF. I now use bicycle inner tubes.

Where did the balloon go? He seems to open the mould, and there's no sign of the balloon!

How should I know? I'm not the guy from the video ;) 

Maybe there are some points mentioned in german. So in advance of next year you should try to improve your skills :-)

Nevertheless these are the secrets (preparing the balloon, pressure etc.) of the manufacturers which makes simple theory a bit more difficult in real life.

I'm always wondering how Baudis get these amount of formers precisely into the fuselage. Well that's also a part of the experience and knowledge.

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2 hours ago, LS8-18 said:

I'm always wondering how Baudis get these amount of formers precisely into the fuselage.

I know how they get them into wings, but I didn't see any fuselages being built during my visit. I imagine it is much the same. Wait for the January issue of the BMFA News.

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Thanks for the up close pics John, much appreciated. I don't think I have ever heard someone not happy with the build quality of a Pitbull so to be able to have such a big comparison is not what I was expecting.

If you want to see a way of how to make the bladder tubes have a look here. It may not be what Baudis does but its pretty clear and could be very similar. He makes the Windrider (I think thats what its called) wing and the Afterburner DS gliders down under and has some very interesting videos on how to make hollow moulded gliders, well worth going into his profile and checking out some of the other videos on there. 


In this video you can see him pull the bladder out the hole in the nose of the fuss after he takes it out the mould, dont blink or you might miss it. 

Here is a link to his profile.



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On 22/11/2017 at 20:05, Alibabaj said:

Looks good John,

What battery are you using?


It's a Baudis built 2S Li-Ion pack, 105mm long:


On 22/11/2017 at 20:19, Gromit said:

Cant be much room to squeeze a receiver in John. I believe you use Futaba, what receiver will you use ? 

I'm always paranoid about trying to position the aerials away from servos , batteries & lumps of lead, thoughts on this ?


No, Stu, despite the fact that the noseweight is almost as efficiently packed in the nose as possible, there is little room to waste. From the moulded edge of the equipment bay to the tip of the inner nose is 220mm, and as you can see below, the Rx, its wires the noseweight and the battery fit in quite comfortably. Note that unlike in a Pitbull, the servo locations are moulded and therefore absolutely fixed.


The noseweight is 43mm long at the moment, but it will probably need shortening to get the CG right. So that leaves >=72mm for the receiver, and the wiring. (The noseweight looks to be bigger than the inside of the nose in this picture, but it isn't. The camera is lying because the noseweight is closer to it than the nose.):



The receiver in the photo is a FrSky TFR6-A, which has end sockets, and is 45mm long. This leaves 27mm for wires, which is more than adequate. In fact, because the Pitbull 2 has no fuselage ballast tube, it is quite easy to get a hook around the wing servo wires and pull at them through the joiner aperture (gently!) to bring the plugs back a few mm. The shorter Futaba 617 (which is available only with sockets on the top) will not fit in to this fuselage in any orientation without modification, because the case is too wide to fit bottom down (with the plugs protruding upwards) and the plugs together with the depth of the case are too long to fit sideways on. 

I shall probably use one or other of these Rx's, but if I use the Futaba, I will have to fit extension sockets hardwired to the pins.

Any thoughts about these options? I don't know of any others. I am still using a Futaba 12FG which requires FASST-compatible receivers.

There aren't many options for aerial routing, either, Stuart. What I have done in other models is take one straight back along past the receiver and servos, and then fit a vertical tube somewhere in a moulded deck, so the aerial ends are are orthogonal, as the instructions always advise. There's not much in the way of moulded deck here to drill through, though, so I may fit a tube running across the fuselage glued to the little bit of deck just in front of the servos. Any other ideas? Incidentally, I've never bothered too much about the things you mention, and I've not had any obvious problems.

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She's look good John.

I'm glad you posted pictures off the battery and size because I was wondering what to use.

But it's the same battery that I've got in the Pitbull 1 and I have two spares.

Contacted Baudis yesterday to ask when would I be getting mine because it was ment to of been dispatched two weeks ago from the email they sent me.

Away all wing servos are installed and they are installing the fuss servos today and will dispatched early next week.

Fingers crossed. 


16 hours ago, oipigface said:



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17 minutes ago, Peter G said:


24.9 x 47.3 x 14.3mm

Not cheap but it will fit. You might get one second hand from one of these trendy Jeti converts...

Yes, I have just been looking at what the Servo Shop has to offer, and there seem to be two Futaba products that I could use. There's the one you suggest (£132.99), and the R6308SBT, which looks to be much the same but with extra added telemetry capabilities. It is the same size, and costs (£119.99). (Why it is less when it seems to be a higher spec, I don't know.)  I may have been wrong about the R617 being a candidate. According to the specs on the Servo Shop site it is not intended for use with HV systems, so I am thinking of changing the one I've got in my HV Jedi Lift.  I have been using FrSky 6 channel jobs for a while now without any problems, and at £23.12 they seem like a much better deal! Are there any issues of response times that I'm not aware of?

Fitted a switch this afternoon, but I still haven't got around to trimming the nose weight. Tax return got in the way this morning.

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31 minutes ago, Les said:

How the he'll can they justify £132 For a receiver. 

Is it made from gold?

Do you really want to know, Les? It has to do with demand and supply, but isn't nearly as simple as many people seem to believe. Buy me enough drinks to last about an hour and I'll explain it to you!

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7 hours ago, Alibabaj said:

Hi John,

Are we going to see a PB2 maiden tomorrow at Whitesheet?


'Fraid not, Graeme. I've still not finished the noseweight, or made a decision about a receiver. No green tape, either! 

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On 24/11/2017 at 15:47, Peter G said:


24.9 x 47.3 x 14.3mm

Not cheap but it will fit. You might get one second hand from one of these trendy Jeti converts...

Any 'trendy Jeti converts' out there with a Rx to sell?

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Remember, everything finds its level price wise. Don't forget,no pockets in a shroud, and it's only expensive if you can't afford it!!

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