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Wobbly wings - Willow 1

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Thought I'd share a build mod, I've just completed on my Willow 1.

Perhaps you have similar problems with a model and are wondering if there is much benefit in fixing it...

At the English Open, I had no confidence that my wings were even going to stay on.  No matter how much tape I put on, the wings would wobble about and never join properly to the fuselage. In the air, the model never quite seemed to grip and respond as I wanted. It's been like it for a long time so I decided to do something about it. Here are some pictures of the method for sorting out crappy incidence pins and wing-fus interface.

In addition to fitting a new incidence pin system and filling the gaps between the wings and fus, I thickened the wing joiner with diamond tape, so that it is way more snug in the socket.

No more wing wobble.

The results are just astounding - I flew the model yesterday in light lift at Whitesheet and despite the gentle air, I was throwing the model around like I never have before. The change was incredible - it's like a completely different aeroplane. I can only surmise that the small movement of the wings during manoeuvres was sapping way more energy than I could ever imagine. Who knew?!

If you have wobbly wings or wings that don't join up properly with the fus, it's definitely worth getting it sorted, it seems..


20170827_130550 (Medium).jpg

20170829_192815 (Medium).jpg

20170829_192835 (Medium).jpg

20170829_192825 (Medium).jpg

20170829_202727 (Medium).jpg

20170829_215217 (Medium).jpg

20170829_215206 (Medium).jpg

20170829_221409 (Medium).jpg

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pete beadle

Hi Ribs

" Proper" engineering mate - well done

My two pennorth though would be not the wobbliness that was the primary cause, but the gap(s) between wings and fuselage were allowing the wind to bleed through from the top surface to the lower surfaces - admittedly intermittently, but basically ruining your wing's efficiency at the points where it is needed most.....

The main thing though is, your "mod" sorted it....and that's:thumbsup::)







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Thanks Pete,

Pretty sure it is to do with tiny incidence and dihedral changes sapping power from the control of the model. Stiffness seems to be critical in getting the desired response out of the wings. Although the wing joint was pretty gappy before, the wings were always taped, so spillage from the bottom to the top of the wing - except around the flap interface - would have been minimal.

Yeah, proper engineering - nice to have an excuse to turn some parts.



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Nice work Ribs. As Pete says "proper engineering". 

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