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12th F3K 14 Day Duration Challenge

Tony Beckett

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Simon said:-
"I went out for a bit of windy practice with my old and battered Stark because it's rather heavy  and not too precious these days after a lot of rather major repairs, but after a bit of setting up flies really nicely, if a bit like a bus. Lots of thermal action and moving fast it was great fun, got a 5:56 to start us off on the next challenge."


11 completed "Challenges" so far this year, at present, Simon Jones, Richard Swindells, Dave and Simon Barker have 2 wins each.
Will this "Challenge" by Simon put him in the lead with 3 wins?

This is a for fun challenge, anyone with a hand-launch glider that conforms to the F3K (up to 1.5m) or Mosquito (less than 1m) class can post a time.
Object: Fly your F3K or Mosquito class hand launch glider for as long as possible from a flat field, the person who's time is unbeaten for 14 days 'wins' and a new challenge starts.

Rules: Fly safely. No slope soaring.

Post your times as follows:-.
Pilot Name, F3K or Mosquito class, model name, length of flight minutes and seconds, plus date of flight. (Please do the posting within 48 hours of the flight)

Previous challenges since 2012 can be seen at www.f3k.uk

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