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Bartletts League 8th. October


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Recent date changes made it impossible for me to run the comp. previously scheduled for the 1st October, this is now the new date.

It may be that this is the last round of the season, but if weather permits, I do intend to get one more round flown on the 29th.

But to make sure you get as many league scores in this year as possible, this one could be your last and best chance:yes:.

The usual 3 classes of model can be flown, Open, 2Mtr and 100” (up to 2.6mtr allowed), and each score points in their own league. 

2 entries allowed, but each must be with different class models. 

Please note that models must comply with BARCS class restrictions to also score in the appropriate BARCS Leagues.

Height limiter CAN be set to any height upto 300mtrs.

Maximum motor run time 30sec.A penalty of 3 points per metre for launching over 200mtrs, but no bonus for launching below 200mtrs.

And you get one re launch if you find it necessary

Entry £5.00 per class, payable on the day.

Please register your entry here, all will be assumed to on 2.4 unless advised.

  1.          Eamon Keating                    Open
  2.          Ray Gadenne                        Open
  3.         Richard Clout                        2M
  4.         Garry Matthews                    Open
  5.         Paul Wainwright                   Open
  6.                  "                                      2M
  7.         Randy Taylor                         Open
  8.         Steve Knowles                      Open
  9.         Peter Ley                                Open
  10.        Brian Austin                            Open
  11.        John Hovell                             Open
  12.        Tony Merritt                             2M
  13.        Colin Paddon                          Open
  14.        Pete Mitchell                          Open
  15.       Graham Wicks                        Open
  16.       Simon Conran                        2M
  17.                 "                                      100
  18.       Cliff Stone                              Open
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Peter, would it be possible for me to attend this event?

The last glider comp I flew in was 100s 25 years ago.

I'm a BMFA country member, but not BARCS yet. I also do not have a BMFA A certificate.

I currently fly a heavily modified 2m radian pro and also have a smaller model for high winds. Both fly on specktrum 2.4.

I have been practising on my home field (where gliders are not encouraged!), but there is nothing better than competing against others to see just how much you have to learn!



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  • Committee Member

Hello Richard

You are welcome to come to Bartletts next week.

BARCS membership is not necessary to enter ( of course preferred) but BMFA  is so you are OK on these points.

Do you have the necessary Height Limiting device ?

The requirement for an 'A' cert is for safety as our site is flanked by a public road and sensitive neighbours on one side, and tall tree's on two of the others.  

I wont enter you in the comp at this stage, but I will enter a 'spare' which you could use if on the day you feel confident about flying and if we can arrange an experienced pilot to be your timekeeper for each flight.

Hope that helps because we don't want to put you off:)






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I won't be able to make this one unfortunately as the date clashes with the Kent Cup which is the final event to find the overall Kent Interclub champion for the year. That being so I would doubt that any of the Kent boys will be entering your event. A pity but can't be helped. I wish you well and trust that the weather gods will be kind to us.



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2 hours ago, ceebee said:

Not really Peter. Is the F5J @ Little Bentley no longer on then?

That was cancelled a week or so back because in was anticipated that a good number of the F5 guys would be going to the team trials.

I have pm'd you

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Hi Pete, I spotted that on google as well, should be easy to find. We visited RHS Hyde recently so where not far away.

Do you have a printed set of site rules for the field I could read in advance?


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2 hours ago, Richardc said:

Do you have a printed set of site rules for the field I could read in advance?

Full rules are pinned to the first thread on this forum showing all the league comp dates:



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