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Optimus & Reisenauer make UK F5j team


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Congratulations to Graham Wicks for making the UK team at the recent team trials.

Graham used Optimus and was flying at approx 1950g in the strong winds. At this weight the Optimus penetrated easily and efficiently and it's sweet easy handling combined with some brilliant tree soaring from Graham in the last slot of  day 2 gave him the 1000 by a huge margin and secured his place on the team.

The various Flightech Reisenauer HET drive systems used by pilots during the weekend performed extremely well in the wind with plenty of punch and power and all pilots reported they were very pleased with them.

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Following on in Graham’s wake I must say a big thanks to Neil at Flightech who supplied the two Optimus F5J planes and Reisenauer/HET motors which I successfully used to win the latest F5J team trial held at Buckminster last weekend.  The trial consisted of two contests with the results added together.  

I love the way the Optimus flies - the light weight and nimble handling means it can turn on a sixpence chasing low thermals, but the wing is thin enough to go fast when required.  That same handling, speed range and large flaps are all factors in  hitting the 50 landing spot consistently and at the right time.

Thanks Neil!




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