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It just doesn’t seem possible that we actually flew 8 events this year, so many weekends seemed to be wet or windy or both, but we did.

Just 4 comps were run this season at the home venue Bartletts Farm, 2 more were included as part of the Kent League, both run at separate venues in Kent.  The Ipswich Club ran 1 at Little Bentley and another was part of Radioglide held at the BMFA Flying Centre. This was also a trial event for inclusion into the BARCS rule book, and as reported the trial was successful.

A total of 60 pilots flew in the league, most in 2 or 3 events, 18 flew 4 or more.

All things considered, this has been the toughest season I can recall, and as can be seen in the results, the top 3 places are covered by just 6 points.

Congratulations to league winner Randy Taylor, a well-deserved and hard fought achievement.

And thanks to all organisers, competitors and helpers who enabled us all to enjoy this great series.

Looking forward to more of the same next year.



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What a close finish that was to the 2017 Bartlett's League, just one higher scoring landing of the top three flyers could have changed the result. Well done to Randy for some pretty consistent flying, to finish top of the shop.

One thing that has been noticeable, is the lack of 2 Metre entries & the virtual disappearance of 100S entries. Seems that flyers are now moving to Open models, even if they are getting ever more expensive to buy and kit out. I thought that the smaller , cheaper to buy models would encourage  people to take part. Randy is a case in point who started out with foamie's then 2 metre models now over all Champion in Open.

I never thought that the Bartlett's League would grow as it has when I started it in 2009, as an alternative to the E Soaring rule comps, which some of us thought were going in the wrong direction. But encouraged by Jim Foster the owner of Bartlett's Farm who put up a Trophy it has gone from strength to strength, so it is sad that he has not able to see it now due to his passing last December.

I always thought that electric launched gliders was the way to go in the 2000's and so it has proved to be the case. It has also allowed flyers to compete much more equally, due to models not having to be so strong to take towing loads, no broken tow lines plus all  the help needed to compete.RIP. That said those of the F3j stalwarts who have moved over (some reluctantly) have embraced it and now provide strong competition.

Finally, a big thanks to Peter Mitchell for taking up the baton when Peter Hindle and yours truly gave up the running of these evnts at Bartletts in 2015, then tweeking the rules, so as it is a very fair competition, in all aspects now.

End of sermon.

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