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UK F3K Eurotour & World Cup 2018


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Here are the final scores, I'll post all the round scores tomorrow after I have recovered.

Many, many thanks to everyone that competed and helped run the competition. Also huge thanks for the unexpected gift at the prize giving, I hope I thanked everyone then but I just choked and couldn't say much more with out bursting in to tears (welling up again now, what a wuss!)

I hope others will give a report of the event, I'll try to put a few words together in the week too.


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Conditions were testing at times but some inspired and inspiring flying took place and we had worthy winners.  Congrats to the campers who had a damp and testing night's weather.

Many thanks to Tony M for keeping this great event going for how many years?

PS.  l've had a look - I think Tony M started this in 2008.



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Tony - thanks for posting the scores and organising/running another brilliant Euro tour.   Really enjoyed it - although seriously feeling it today.

Apart from the rain sat night,  the weather was pretty good and we got a  variety of conditions + the usual mix of banter,  great flying and closely fought competition.   Gotta love the 2 day format.

Congrats to Mike C for a great win.

Thanks to everyone involved.  Big thanks to Chris and his partner for doing the BBQ 2nd year running.

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Thanks, some of them came out nice.

I have a few more, they were the smallest ones.... PM if anybody wants to take a look for an article or write up, promo stuff?

You took some too, did you not?

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Thanks Tony, another successful eurotour event.   Always great to see our Euro F3k friends.  Sorry not to have Jaap and the Wakkerman's.  Next time hopefully.

I had a particularly interesting time launching left handed in a contest for the first time.  My launch heights ranged from 110ft to 150ft (33-45m), somewhat down on my normal.  Looking at the scores, I estimate that my lower launch probably cost me about 700pts.  These were the rounds with little to no wind or lift.   There was not much I could do to get more flight time from my lower launch in these rounds.   The other lost pts were tactical errors and could have happened from any launch height.  Difficult to know if I would have made the same errors or if could have recovered from them with more launch height though.   It was the two rounds of  last flight, 5min max where my tactics failed.   Must do better!  All in all, I am pretty happy with how it went.  

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Tony, are you taking a break from organising and going along to compete in F3K at Radio glide? I’ll be there with my new DLG.

Thanks to  the Superfly sales team who kitted me out with an excellent DLG Saturday evening. Test flown already, even in today’s gusty 20mph breeze  it performed much better than I could have expected. I think I might need some ballast thought! Only had reverse gear today.

Now all I need to do is trim it and set it up properly!


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