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Wings and tail, what to do...

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In my defence can I just say I was passing and they were cheap...


Now, the seller says they came off an orange 4m Discus. He recovered in white. Ailerons, no flaps but a big spoiler in the top of the wing. He also found the tail. All moving one piece tail.

They stand me at five pounds...but what to do with them? Suggestions welcomed...nothing rude, 2m a piece is quite a stretch..


s-l400 (1).jpg

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pete beadle

Hi Darren

Simple, either sell 'em again for a tenner ASAP, which I'd recommend, or put an ad here on "For Sale and Wanted" on the lines of........"anyone got an old quarter scale fuselage going cheap? Preferably a Treakle with a "T" tail - Pik 20 possibly? - any condition except completely broken and unrepairable, needed so I can use a pair of quarter scale wings I've bought recently" "Will be going to a good home"

And wait for the offers to roll in!

BTW I've got a Solent Sailplanes "Ridge Rover fuselage, c/w tailplane, in the loft, doing nothing, in good condition, you'd be welcome to for nowt except cost of the postage or collection - if that appeals - PM me if it does:yes::)........don't ask me for pics though! - it's not a sale!........

Best of luck



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