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Entries are open for Radioglide 2018

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Radioglide 2018 returns to the BMFA National Centre near Grantham over the late May Bank holiday 26th - 28th. With the centre facilities now maturing, this year’s event should prove to be one of the most exciting with four action packed competitions, the BARCS AGM and the return of the popular Soaring Market Swap Meet.

Saturday 26th will see the running of the prestigious BMFA F5B National Championships, sharing the field with a BARCS ELG competition. The latter is open to BARCS members only and offers the opportunity to fly a double entry of Open and either 2 metre or electric 100” at a discounted rate. BARCS members who enter both the ELG and the subsequent F5J event benefit from a further £5 discount for the two £25 down from £30.

Sunday sees the F3K DLG’s take to the field alongside day one of a 2 day F5J competition run to UK variation rules. In the evening, the formal side of proceedings take place in the conference hall with the AGM, as announced elsewhere, commencing at 6.00pm followed at around 7.00pm with the running of a free bring and buy swap meet for you to bring along your pre-loved soaring items to pass on to new homes and pass the time chatting to fellow enthusiasts.

On Monday, the final rounds of the F5J competition will complete.

The on field activities are subject of course to the weather.

Those who wish may camp on the field, whilst those who prefer more comfort should find plenty of local accommodation to suit their pocket. See BMFA National Centre for more information.

Entries can be made online HERE

Alternatively enter by completing the form below as per instructions on the form (F5B entries to be via BMFA website at BMFA F5B Nats).

RADIOGLIDE Entry Form 2018.docx

RADIOGLIDE Entry Form 2018.pdf

View full news and information

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One minor problem .

Having the AGM Sunday evening ,

If the weather is good and flying continues till late afternoon ,those not camping will not be able to attend .

Having stayed a few times now at Buckminster  we have found  trying to find somewhere to eat  Sunday evening difficult .

Pub type accommodation  and local restaurant  kitchens close at 7pm  often not open at all after Sunday lunch .

Minor problem but for some after a long day at the field ,shower food etc might be more off a priority.



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As a first timer can't find anywhere the times for pre and after day's event practice, field open, pilots briefing , start and expected end for each day, and will there be a lunch break?



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  • Committee Member

Ian , this is another Peter, answering , not for F5J but for ELG.

Those camping on the field may well be practice flying as soon as it is light enough, so you can arrive as early as you can get a breakfast.🙂

Times on the day are as you know weather dependent, and subject to last minute changes for many possible reasons.

I have not posted the pilots for ELG . the list will be more or less the same as for F5J and all those entered know who they are.

Book in as usual from 9 am onwards. First slot will start hopefully at 10am 

7 rounds of 4 slots each are matrixed , but if we get 6 rounds flown that will be enough  for a result. To go on will depend on the time and what the majority of pilots want to do. But I would hope to finish by about 5-6pm

We will stop for a lunch break after the first 3 rounds are flown, how long that break will be depends on how soon we start etc.

As usual, the more people willing to help set up  will speed things along.

More at pilots briefing on the day.

I suspect F5J will be much the same.


Pete M

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Thanks Pete.

I'll help as you know (if I've had my breakfast first!)




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Hi Ian

Yes, other Pete is quite correct, the schedule is pretty much the same standard time schedule. Breakfast is self service but a bacon butty for the CD would go down very well.

Sunday, kick off at 10am, lunch after 3 rounds then 3 more in the afternoon. Monday 4 more rounds so we should finish by mid afternoon to allow for travelling.

All dependant on the good old British weather!!!!!

You can practise fly on Friday but the BMFA will want £4 from you for the privilege or after the ELG event on Saturday evening for free

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Can we see the results at some time, as they seem to arrive very quickly nowadays?

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