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***Optimus in stock - rare opportunity***


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The Optimus is arguably the UK's current best selling F5j Electric model at the moment based on its quality, outstanding handling and all-round performance.

Since 2015 I have tried to keep a few Optimus models in stock but they always sell even before I take delivery as they are an extremely popular model. But on this one, it was pre-ordered by someone who hasn't bothered to contact me back about it and for the first time in 40+ models I have had  a non-collection. So finally I have an Optimus in stock...!  Colours as below - natural carbon & neon red airbrushed.

It is the very latest lay-up that has been winning the majority of Esoaring competitions last year and already with 2 wins this year.

Centre panel - standard 'Light' with ballast tubes made from 30g +/- 45 carboweave spread tow
Tips -Xtra Light made from 16g +/- 45 Carboweave spread tow carbon
Fuselage - Xtra Light made from very tough Carboweave spread tow carbon
Boom & Fin - Standard 'Light'. Boom is carboweave spread tow, fin is 30g +/-45 & 0-90 Carboweave

Model is ideal all round plane and will fly @ approx 1500g.

Will come with a set of factory wing & tail bags and a set of factory CNC machined ballast


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What’s the price?

though probably the old “if you have to ask then you can’t afford it” is probably true :P 

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Hi price is £1550.

Deals can be done with KST servos and Reisenauer Drive systems :-)



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