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Oh what a beautiful day....

Reggie Perrin

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Reggie Perrin

Had a bit of a medical scare last week and after leaving hospital I needed to wind down and remove some stress.

What better way to relax than a 100S Algebra on my favourite slope, Colley Hill...

With 2-3mph winds and perfect sunshine, the afternoon and evening were just what the doctor ordered...


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Indeed looked  a most perfect day...hope you are fully sorted and all is well "Reggie", "I didn't get where I am today without recognising a good day on the hill you know..."

Cheers and keep up the medicinal flying

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pete beadle

Hi Reggie

Glad to see "gliding therapy" works for you just the way it works for me, I'm also glad you chose an Algebra to "get your fix", yes, still working its magic after all these years isn't it?......

One thing I used to say about what I call "bumbling about" bears repeating here, I think........."worrying about work and flying a model glider are mutually exclusive pursuits".....you can do one or the other, but not both at the same time.......and I know what I prefer to do

The art of Zen in soaring? - could be, could be........




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