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Walter A

20 Oct 18 - World Interglide Woodie & ALES Postal Contest

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Walter A

Four Person Team Competition

The Australians, courtesy of John Quigley, have agreed to a postal contest against the U.S.A. This is a one day postal contest. This in turn has lead to a worldwide postal contest. The LSF will sponsor the postal contest and post the results to RC Groups and to the LSF Website. Instructions are below.


Download and install GliderScore 6.XX


Follow the setup instructions

This program will allow you to enter your score and then transmit it via internet back to the Glider Score page where you can check the scores/standings while the contest is underway.


Rules are simple:

This is a WOODIE contest and an ALES contest!!!

Rules guidelines: Please use the 2017-2018 RC Soaring Rules set found on the Academy of model Aeronautics website:


Should an aircraft become un-flyable one backup plane of each type allowed

No wingspan restriction

Maximum flying weight is 5 kilograms

You must be an LSF level 1 SAP or eSAP 1 Member or greater! If you are not an LSF member please download a SAP and/or an eSAP form from here: http://www.silentflight.org/index.php/lsf-program/lsf-tasks and start your flying now! Forward to your Country Coordinators as appropriate. Your LSF information will be verified and your scores will be thrown out if you are not an LSF member!

Team photo and pilot names/LSF number required. Please send to:  lsf_President@silentflight.org. Your team picture is your registration. All team pictures must be in prior to 9/21/18.

Winning team in WOODIE will receive US$200 from the LSF.

Winning team in ALES will receive US$200 from the LSF.

Wood Crafters Construction rule:

-Wing and Stab are built up from wood.

-No restriction on spar construction or materials.

-No Molded D-Tube leading edge construction.

-Fuselage can be wood, glassed wood or molded Fiberglass including the fin.

-Carbon reinforcement can be used on any part of the structure. 

 A PAYPAL address required from one of the winning team members.

 Winning Team in Electric can’t win in Woodie and visa versa.

Four person teams (You may fly both or either to enter)

5 Rounds in each platform type

Woodie – 10 Minute Working Time and 9 Minute glide time round, Landings as a bonus

Electric - 10 minute glide time round and 1 point per second deduction for time over/under 10 minutes, Landings as a bonus

LSF Electric launch is 30 Sec / 200 meter

300M line MAX (winch to turnaround) for the woodies.

Each pilot must wait 15 minutes between each flight (i.e. 9/10 min flight with 5 minute wait time between flights)

Maximum of two team members airborne at any given time

Each team must fly from same airfield/location

Read the watch: MM:SS (Minutes/Seconds)

Varios and Skegs permitted on Electrics only

Woodie Landing Tape: 10 meter tapes -  IN [anywhere in the 10 meter diameter (100 points) or OUT (0 Points)

ALES Landing Tape: 10 meter tapes / 5 points per meter. 50 points for landing within the first 1 meter diameter all the way to 5 points at the 10 meter diameter mark

Zero Landing points for landings that shed parts or are inverted in the landing tape circle


Wally Adasczik

LSF President

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Walter A

Please ignore the Glider Score bits. I have fallen and bumped my head. New instructions in that area to follow in a bit.



LSF President

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