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YGE products now in stock ;-)


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YGE esc''s and accessories now in stock and ready for immediate dispatch. Website will be updated over the weekend or you can message / phone me.

These are beautiful quality and some of the  very best esc''s available for electric soaring. We stock the programming cards and USB adaptors for sale but I will be keeping one of each here to pre-program the YGE 60 and YGE 65LVT (telemetry capable) for you if you already have one of our HET or Tenshock motors or are buying a new motor/esc combo.

Keep an eye out for another announcement soon as we also link up with GM props and RC metal bitz to offer you complete and optimised drive systems in a one stop high quality high performance package.


Picture annotations..

1) At an amazing 8mm thickness, small overall dimension and plentiful 60A capability the  YGE 60 is available in 5.5v BEC or 7.4v BEC configuration. All at an amazing 45g. £95

2) Lots in stock.! Amongst them is the YGE 65LVT has a bit more grunt and is telemetry capable. Full compatability with Graupner Futaba and Multiplex protocols you can measure real time current and voltage in flight. £130




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