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Kent Interclub Multilaunch Competition August 19th


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You are invited to Kent Interclub Glider 4 Multilaunch competition to be held at the Invicta club field Sutton Valence. The exact field will be signposted on the day from the A274 running south from Sutton Valence.
To enable a enjoyable day please could you add your name to this post no later than Friday August 17th with model class, and frequency if not 2.4 (Glider, Electric, Open, 100" etc) so a matrix can be set up?
The Rules are BARCS Multilaunch as used last year where Electric launched gliders must have a Motor stop function set at 175m and 30 seconds. Random checks on this may be made so please ensure you have a reader for your device.
For Electric launched gliders the Time Keeper must record the F5J launch height on the score sheet for CD’s information in addition to normal flight times
We want to have a full day flying so please check in 09:30 latest and be ready for Pilots Briefing at 09:45 with the competition starting at 10:00 sharp.
A minimum of 4 rounds and a maximum of 6 rounds will be flown

Non Kent Interclub flyers Entry fee £5 payable on the day

Enter by replying to this post


Keith Fisher Open Electric
Richard Harris Open Electric
Greg Hayfield Open winch
Iain Stingemore Open winch
Mike Connell Open Electric
Ian Nicholls Open Electric
Nick Jackson Open Electric
Eddy Small Open Electric
Tony Wood Open Electric
Brian Martin Open Electric
Alan Harris Open Electric
Keith Benton Open Electric
John Postle Open Electric
Alan Twine Open Electric
Derek Collings Open Electric
Bob Ryan Open Electric
Gordon Loomes Open Electric
Bob Hope Open Electric
Phil Ramsey Open Electric
Rob Love Open Electric

David Yale Open Electric

Brian Austin Open Electric


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We’ll post go or cancelled early this evening. I’m optimistic it’ll drop!

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This is confirmation that the event is going to be run and this takes into consideration the forecast and local knowledge.

If you decide not to come because of the distance to  travel and your own evaluation that will be understood of course.



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We had a good day in windy but not unflyable conditions and had 4 rounds before lunch  after which it was unanimously decided we would not fly any more rounds.   The older heavier models were most numerous. 

(Keith Fisher was holding the extra tie rope to the gazebo but only during the photo.) 


Overall results G4 BARCS.jpg

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