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Another F3K date


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I now have word from Manny and Jo.

Manny WIlliamson, the BMFA Development Officer says the Buckminster field is available for both 15th and 16th September and October 20th because it is reserved for a possible Nationals re-run.

Jo Halman, BMFA Competition Secretary says that the Nationals cannot be re-run for 2018 and is 'void' this year.  BMFA General Rule 2.5.7 defines the conditions under which the Nationals can be postponed.  We did not meet the condition that, in order to be able to compete on the new date, you need to be at the field on the original date.    To postpone the event the CD needs to be on the field on the original date and must attempt to run the event.         There may be the possibility of credit notes for next year's event - I'm still looking at that.

An event on September 15/16 weekend would not count for league points because the statutory one month's notice could not be given.  An October 20th event could still count for the league.

Buckminster events require a proportion of the entry to go towards the field cost.  A one day event would require an entry fee of £10 minimum.  Two days would be £20.  If we wanted an either/or over 15/16 weekend, £15 would be OK.   This would be for one days use with the choice at short notice.

All those figures have an allowance for prizes.  I'll hand over to David at this point - he has my 'phone number.  If David decides to go ahead under these conditions, he will start an entry thread to see who's still up for an event in mid-September.


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Mike -  thanks as always for all the work you do behind the scenes.  Not sure the rules make sense to me but rules are rules.   As the weather has transpired against us this year I will just be happy to compete and have an enjoyable day -  not too fussed about the points.

Will probably just go for the Saturday option but will discuss with folks at the weekend assuming I don’t need to let Buckminster know this week?

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I have emailed Manny - he's on a Holiday today so not on his usual 'phone number.   He replied instantly!  He can wait until Saturday evening for decision on 15/16 Sept.

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As League coordinator, I have decided that, now that the extra September Date has melted away, we will not go beyond the original end of season reserve date on October 6th at Twywell.

The weather is against it and the conditions are very unlikely to be suitable for a thermal soaring contest in late October.  We are also up against reducing daylight by then.

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