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BMFA League Reserve 2 16th September

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BMFA League Reserve 2 will take place on Sunday 16th September at Whitesheet.

In the event of an unfavourable wind direction, Stu has also managed to procure the use of the Rifle Range slope by kind permission of the Avon hang gliding & paragliding club which is not normally open to model flyers.

We also have an option to run the competition at the Bwlch as a last resort if the wind direction is unsupported by any of the above slopes.

Weather call and slope decision will be made on the evening of Friday 14th.


Entry for the competition will open on Wednesday 5th September at 10 p.m. and will close on Wednesday 12th September at 10 p.m.

We are also now requesting that payment for league competitions is done through PayPal on the entry form. We will accept cash on the day, but pre-payment through PayPal will be preferred as it makes life easier for the organisers.


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Well that concludes this years F3F league.

I had a great day despite cutting 3 times! Whitesheet was its usual self, all blow and no go, with tricky conditions at times. Many thanks for those who made it happen, with special thanks to Mark Treble for running the league this year.

congrats to the top 3...

1st Tony Livingstone (Mr Whitesheet)

2nd Mark Treble 

3rd Ian Falconer


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Pete Burgess


1 Tony Livingstone 1000.0
2 Mark Treble 958.99
3 Ian Falconer 955.85
4 John Phillips 953.31
5 Graeme Mahoney 946.23
6 Mike Shellim 944.48
7 Mark Passingham 939.73
8 Paul Stubley 936.9
9 Greg Lewis 933.46
10 David Woods 930.61
11 John Treble 927.84
12 Adrian Chapmamlaw 925.29
13 Mike Evans 923.98
14 Dave Rumble 923.41
15 Nigel Witchalls 922.55
16 Stuart Wallace 917.78
17 Keith Wood 902.55
18 Aleix Ingles 890.33
19 Phil Taylor 880.97
20 Bruce Hudson 844.24
21 Vic Eldridge 839.21
22 Peter Burgess 833.27
23 Tony Robertson 826.56
24 Martin Drewett 0.0

Fastest time: 40.57 by Dave Rumble in round 3


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excellent days flying

Good to see local boys at the top, that man Tony on is hill :) with Ian third. Ade Champmanlaw on his return showed us how to do F3F on his first run, so not lost ant thing over the years.

Big thanks to whitesheet club for the use off the hill and to centre men and buzzer supremo, great end to the 2018 league.

roll on next year


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Not sure if I enjoyed that or not. Whitesheet bowl is a tricky hill,  shown in the results with a well deserved win to locals Tony and a great 3rd place to Ian. 

Lumpy air and a curved slope that flies better further out all lead to lots of pilots having the odd cut, me included. 

I had thought on the day the final mid placed pilots positions all seemed a little random. But looking at the scores it’s easy to see why. Such close scoring, quite a few separated by less than 1 point. 

Looks  like many of us were having a frustrating day. Not quite knowing what to do other than watch Tony. 

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Many thanks to whitesheet club for hosting and many thanks to CDs and buzzerman John.

As a local I had a hard time sushing out the conditions, very erratic flying.  Although I had the 2 faster times in 2 rounds I also had the slowest.  Very inconsistent flying with difficult conditions?

Sticking to one type of turn seemed to be the way to go. I think the top 6 pilots stuck with it and it paid off.

Roll on the winter leagues

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great day, great company, things have moved on in the last 15 years was running way too light at one point, thanks for the advice from the likes of Mike Shellim, Mark Passingham and JP. defo need more ballast for the tango.

my shoulder hurts after all the tossing! 

A little depressing that I was one of the youngest there tho. Where are all the young people!


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Congrats to Mr Whitesheet 'Toby' Livingstone on his well deserved win, his flying style / technique mastered the day.

Congrats to Mark on taking yet another 'runners up' spot, Mark has flown consistently very well  throughout this year, 

A 'Cracking' result for Ian in third place, this I believe being his first podium placing.  Given the challenging conditions ystdy this makes Ians placing even more deserved for his great flying.


As for me, it wasn't to be my day ystdy, just never got going or felt in tune with either my model or the conditions , maybe i'm burn out 🤭 LOL.


Many thanks to Mark as CD, & to Pete & Graeme for running the middle everyone for supporting ystdy comp 👍

Extra thanks to John treble for being buzzer supremo after this was randomly selected ystdy , ( what are the chances lol) another 'cracking' job done John, thank you 👍


Newcomer to F3f Bruce Hudson impressed me with his flying throughout the day, i'm certain Bruce is going to feature well in future comps 👍


   Stu, Whitesheet Comp Sec. 

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1 hour ago, Gromit said:

what are the chances lol

I think we should demand to see the code! After all, if you choose a random digit in the range [5,5], what you get is 5!

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