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Alan Flockhart

Potential F5B World Champs - 2020

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Alan Flockhart

The F5B pilots in the UK are looking at the options for running the 2020 F5B World Champs  here in the UK.  Likely at Buckminster but nothing is confirmed regarding that yet. Expected dates would be early to mid August.

One area we are struggling with regarding hosting the WC is getting enough helpers for the event. What we are currently looking for is a general idea of the number of potential helpers out there in the BARCS membership. Helpers would be involved with doing one or more of the below tasks during the event. In theory the more people the easier it is for everyone (ie breaks during the day / not being their every day). 

  • Duration Timekeeping
  • Scoring
  • Base judging - Ideally people who are used to F3B / F3F 
  • Safety line monitoring 
  • Spot check of plane and system - ie conforming to the FAI rules.

  If we do submit a bid the idea would be to have a couple days in the lead up to the WC for training helpers so everyone knows what they should be doing. 

We would ideally be looking for 6-10 people each day to work alongside the organising committee.   The timetable of the event would be similar to the following:

  • Friday - Site setup and competitors arrive for F5B Open Event
  • Sat / Sun - F5B Open event - 2 rounds per day. This is where helpers can refine what they have been taught at the training days. 
  • Mon - Registration for WC / Opening event / practice flights
  • Tues - Fri - WC event. 2 rounds per day
  • Sat - Reserve day & Closing Event

What are peoples thoughts?


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Alan Flockhart

Am guessing with the lack of any response people aren't that bothered either way 😑

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