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Southern Winter League F3f 2018/19.


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Martin Church
20 minutes ago, Gromit said:


Hi Martin,

                       On Monday 25th Feb, all Whitesheet RFC members will have received an email from myself, sent on behalf of the Committee. This to notify all our members that the date of the first scale day of was incorrectly advertised on the 2019 calender of events , the correct date being  Sund March 17th.

This date correction was  duly posted on the front page of the  Whitesheet RFC website.  Chris Williams duly amended the date on the SSUK Forum too. 


 Stu, Whitesheet Comp Sec. 


No worries Stu have a good Comp.


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Hi All

             After studying the various forecasts I am going to postpone the weather call until 12.00 noon tomorrow. 

The reason being that although Sunday itself is forecast to be dry, there is a period of 6-8 hrs of rain throughout Saturday night.

I'm just hoping this doesn't arrive later than is presently forecast, tomorrow mornings forecasts will give a much clearer picture. 


Fingers crossed guys 🙏



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Hi All, 

             I am calling the comp ON :thumbsup:

Thankfully the various forecasts have changed very little since last night, ie, rain throughout much of tonight, & a dry day tomorrow .

Wind is a fresh - strong W- WNW 

Meet time is 9.00am.


Please send further further entries by 9.00pm this evening.

I will however accept entries on the day,  if doing so you must  provide me written / printed evidence of your BMFA membership for 2019 during the Pilots briefing.  I am unable to accept any 'on the day' entries without this. 

Pot hole advisory ;- Please take care / caution when negotiating your vehicle around the large diameter pot hole near the top of the climb up the hill. It is immediately after the last water run off ramp  before reaching the top of the track ( ie prior to the track turning right & levelling off along the top of Whitesheet ) . With rain being forecast for tonight this pot hole will be full of water & you may not realise its depth.

Having myself not visited Whitesheet since the previous comp I do not know if this pot hole has deteriorated further or been repaired (very unlikely) 


  Stu, Whitesheet Comp Sec. 

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Sorry can't make it tomorrow having fried a Futaba servo on landing today. I don't think Greg is coming either. Hope the slope isn't too turbulent tomorrow.


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Ian Falconer

Sorry all decided not to attend today to windy for me .

Have a great day hope you all have a good competition.

Ian Falconer.


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Indeed Ian it was windy ..........gusting upto 68mph  on the only flight I had ...and on the smaller westerly end of White Sheet it was just all blow and no go .


Stu took the right decision and cancelled .😥

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  Arrived at Whitesheet this morning at around 8.30 & measured a steady 30  gusting to 35 mph  W - WNW

Andy B & I walked out in advance of everyone, to the very far end of what is known as 'Morgans' . 

Whilst I set about marking / measuring out the course Andy had a fly to test the conditions.  Within 5 minutes of him launching the wind had picked up significantly, this I recorded as 50- gusting to 55 mph  😲.

Credit to Andy, he stuck with it for several more minutes in what would  best be described as being a bit of 'challenging air' 😱 lol.  

After a few more minutes of being truly battered by the wind, Andy's quick & crisp footwork to keep his balance would have scored him a perfect 10 on 'Strictly' 😂 lol

While taking a further windmeter reading it had now averaged a steady 55 - 60, with a highest measured gust of 68 mph 😱 THUD ! 

By now watching Andy's deft footwork to keep himself upright was like watching Michael Flatley in Riverdance 🤣

With the wind still picking up, Andy then brought his model around to score a perfect 10 landing   👏.

The result......….a round of applause to Andy & Comp cancelled 😭.


Many thanks to all those pilots that arrived at the slope today, & also to those that thought better of it & stayed at home, all of whom had the courtesy to send me an email or PM to let me know , thank you Guys, very much appreciated 👍


        Windswept Stu.  Whitesheet Comp Sec. 



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Right to call comp on Stuart, real shame the wind was so strong and again right to call it off

we looked from the car park while Andy and then Nigel had  flights  and decided to stay put, pity as you had made the effort to drag the gear over as well

roll on next time

thanks for your time and enthusiasm  in putting on the southern winter league great job 😀



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Shame we had to cancel but the only decision given the extreme conditions, below is a shot of Stu trying to get a good reading during a 65+mph series of gusts 



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